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Marine Fish Aquarium Supplier From Chennai is an online Aquarium Pet Store, we deliver Best Quality Service in Marine Aquarium Setup. We are one of the biggest supplier of Marine Saltwater Aquarium Supplier & Saltwater Fishes. Dealer & Supplier of Marine Fishes in all over India. Service:- Complete Setup of Marine Aquarium Setup of Pond Water Garden Aquarium setup in Home, Corporate, Hotels, Shops, Airport, Ships etc Aquarium cleaning & Maintenance Rocks Coral Sand Anemones Canister Filter Protein Skimmer Aquarium Chiller Ready Made Complete Setup of Marine Aquarium Pond Setup Pond Fishes KOI We also assist in buying Aquariums & Marine Fishes, New Concept & Design are coming of Aquariums & Ponds Setting up Marine Aquarium is easy for experts and experienced company. Visit our website to find variety of fishes, aquariums and products. We are updating our online store on a regular basis. We keep a wide range & variety of Marine Saltwater Fishes:- Angelfish- Coral Beauty Angelfish, Flame Angelfish, Yellow Angelfish, Bi Color Angelfish, Angelfish Yellow Tail Angelfish, Asfur Angelfish, Emperor Juvenile Angelfish, Emperor Angelfish, Koran Angelfish Juvenile Angelfish, Koran Angelfish, Queen Angelfish, Blue Faced Angelfish, King Angelfish, Blue Ring Angelfish Juvenile Angelfish, Blue Ring Angelfish, Blue Lipistick Angelfish, Regal Angelfish, Six Bar Angelfish, Blue Back Angelfish, Potter's Angelfish, Majestic Angelfish, Tang & Surgeon Fish- Blue Regal Tang, Powder Blue Tang, Yellow Tang, Purple Tang, Sailfin Tang, Achilles Tang, Convict Tang, Brown Tang, Clown Tang, Wrasse Fish- Bird Nose Wrasse, Cleaner Wrasse, Six Line Wrasse, Red Coris Wrasse, Yellow Wrasse, Moon Wrasse, Checkerboard Wrasse, Trigger - Niger Trigger, Clown Trigger, Picasso Trigger, Butterfly Fish- Longfin Heniochus(Wimple), Blue Blotch Butterfly Fish, Eightband Butterfly Fish, Auriga Butterfly Fish, Coperband Butterfly Fish, Longnose Butterfly Fish, Yellow Head Butterfly Fish, Moorish Idol, Lion fish- volitan lion, dwarf lionfish, radiate lion fish Clown fish- common clown, Percula clown nemo, maroon clown, tomato clown, saddle back clown, pink skunk clown, nigro clown, sabae clown Damsel fish- yellow tail blue damsel, half yellow damsel, electric blue damsel, velvet damsel, three spot damsel, yellow damsel, azure damsel, Anthais- red Anthias, evenasi Anthias, orange Anthias, pink Anthias, Goby- neon goby, yellow goby, flameback Dotty back fish- strawberry Dottyback, Cardinal fish- pajama cardinal, banjai cardinals, Marine betta fish Batfish Blue spotted stingray, eel, Anemones- tentacle pink anemone, fluorescent anemone, green carpet anemone, blue carpet anemone, bubble tip anemone, yellow anemone, cup anemone, tube anemone Starfish- red star fish, red knot star fish, pink star fish Sea crab- blue hermit crab, red hermit crab Shrimp- fire shrimp, pink skunk shrimp, dancing shrimp, anemone shrimp and cleaner shrimp Octopus, sharks, sea algae plants Many more variety of marine fishes is available. Contact us for Marine Aquarium setup Saltwater Fishes Inverts Aquariums Accessories Water chiller Protein skimmer Canister filter Supply all over India ------------------------ Visit our website for more info Phone: 9999464980 Email: OR

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Wholesaler of Marine Fish in India : we are marine fish wholesaler, supplier of marine saltwater fish, accessories, marine aquarium, marine inverts, buy fishes and aquarium in large quantity, and dealer contact us to sell and buy with us

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Business Type : Manufacturer / Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers
Year of Estd : 2006
Company Turnover : Rs. 0.5 to 2.5 Crore Approx.
Ownership : Professional Association
Business Markets : Asia, Sri Lanka, Chennai, India, Delhi, kolkata, Singapore, Indonesia, uae, red sea, Indian sea, Arabian sea, Africa, america, Europe, Marine Fish supplier, marine fish wholesaler, marine aquarium fish, exotic saltwater fish

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