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  • Vacuum Tube Voltmeter

    Vacuum Tube Voltmeter

    We are offering vacuum tube voltmeter ,. Ac voltage : 0-1.5,5, 15,50,150,500,1500voltsdc voltage : 0-1.5,5,15,50,150,500,1500voltsresistance : 0-1k, 10k, 100k, 1m, 10m, 100m,1000 meg. Ohms. Calibration accuracy : ac voltage ±4% on all ranges. Dc voltage ± 3% on all ranges. Resistance within ±2% ...

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  • Ultrasonic Diffraction Apparatus

    Ultrasonic Diffraction Apparatus

    We are offering ultrasonic diffraction apparatus. The instrument is designed to give accurate and best result, keeping inview the various difficulties faced by the students. A high power r.f. Oscillator is designed for this experiment and special type of highresolving spectrometer with micrometer ...

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  • Transistor Characteristics Apparatus

    Transistor Characteristics Apparatus

    We are offering transistor characteristics apparatus. The instrument is designed to draw input as well as outputcharacteristic curve of a p.n.p. Transistor ac 128. It has two regulatedpower supplies of its own & four meters. Complete circuit diagram isprovided on the front panel. Complete with ...

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  • Ray Optics Kit

    Ray Optics Kit

    We are offering ray optics kit.The ray optics kit is a basic set of optic components for ray and color experiments. How it worksto use any of the components, place them on a flat tabletop in the path of rays from your ray box (not included). Place a white sheet of paper on the table to facilitate ...

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  • Pulse Amplitude Modulation

    Pulse Amplitude Modulation

    We are offering pulse amplitude modulation. Btc-460 amplitude modulation and demodulationbtc-461 frequency modulation and demodulationbtc-462 phase modulationbtc-463 balanced modulator (double side & single side band)btc-464 pulse amplitude modulation and demodulationbtc-465 pulse position ...

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  • Planck Constant Led Light

    Planck Constant Led Light

    We are offering planck constant led light. to determine plank’s constant using led’s of known wave length. power supply is built in provided with milli ammeter and voltmeter toread the current and voltage. (b) …do…… with digital meter.

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  • Oscilloscopes


    We are offering oscilloscopes. all kinds of cro availabledigitalstorageoscilloscopedc- 30mhzdualtraceoscilloscopedc- 20mhzdualtraceoscilloscopesingle channel oscilloscope 10mhz5mhzxyoscilloscope2mhzgeneralpurposeoscilloscope

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  • Newton Ring Microscope

    Newton Ring Microscope

    We offer complete with compact type newton ring microscope, sodium lamp 35 watt, transformer for sodium lamp, wooden box.

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  • Millikan Oil Drop Appratus

    Millikan Oil Drop Appratus

    MILIKAN'S OIL DROP APPARATUS Complete with Power Supply.(b) — do — power supply for above.

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  • Function Generator

    Function Generator

    We are offering function generator. function generator generatorfrequency range : 20 hz to 200 khz in 4 decade step. Output voltage : sine wave 0-10v in two decade stepwith continuous variable control. Square wave : 0-15pp continuously variable. Distortion : less tha

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  • Fiber Optics Trainer Kit

    Fiber Optics Trainer Kit

    We are offering fiber optics trainer kit. Fibre optic analog transmitter and receiver* 600nm or 850nm sma connectorised fo led* optical to electrical & electrical to optical converter* sma connectorised fo photo transistor* 1mtr. Pmma (9601000 u) sma fo cable* built in power supply* experiment for ...

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  • Digital Ph Meter

    Digital Ph Meter

    We are offering digital ph meter. digital ph metermeasuring : 0 to 14ph, with automatic polarity &accuracy : ± 0.1% ± 2 digittemp. Compensation : 0 to 800crangeread out : digital bright, led type, 3½ digit 7segment,12.5mm heightelectrode : glass combination typepower requirements : 230v± 10%, ...

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  • Digital Function Generator

    Digital Function Generator

    We are offering digital function generator. 0.1 hz to1mhz function generator with digitalcounter0.2 hz to2mhz function generator with digitalcounter0.3 hz to3mhz function generator with digitalcounter

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  • Dc Regulated Power Supplies

    Dc Regulated Power Supplies

    We are offering dc regulated power supplies. Dual channel power suppliesoutput voltage current with 4 with 4analog meter digital meter0- ±30 v2a(any range)

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  • B H Curve Apparatus

    B H Curve Apparatus

    We are offering b.h. Curve apparatus. b.h. Curve apparatuscomplete circuit diagram is engraved on the front panel. Terminals are provide for x & y plates. And detailed manual.

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  • Boilers

    We deal in all kind of boilers for mechanical engg lab.Model of lancashire boilermodel of cornish boilermodel of babcock and wilcox boilermodel of locomotive boilermodel of cochran boilervertical water tube boilermodel of lamount boilermodel of benson boilermodel of loeffler lermodel of valox ...

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