Nehal Leather Works

Member Since : 2006 | India

Nehal Leather Works

Manufacturer / Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers Of Canvas Rug, Horse Rugs Nlw-hr-10045006, Horse Rugs Nlw-hr-10045007, Horse Rugs Nlw-hr-10045009, Horse Rugs Nlw-hr-10045016, Western Saddles- Nlw 1001100, Western Saddles Nlw 10010001, Western Saddles Nlw 10010002, Western Saddles - Nlw 10010003, Western Saddles - Nlw 10010004, Treeless Saddle - Nlw Tl 20010098, Treeless Saddle - Tl E 10010036, Treeless Saddle - Tl E 10010037, Treeless Saddle - 10010031, Treeless Saddles Tl W 20010010, Treeless Saddles Tl W 10010036, Leather Dog Harness, Horse Saddle Pad Nlw-p-20010001, Horse Saddle Nlw-sp-20010013, Horse Saddle Nlw-sp-20010014, Horse Saddle Nlw-sp-20010015, Horse Saddle Nlw-sp-20010016, Horse Saddle Nlw-sp-20010017, Horse Saddle Pad - Nlw-sp-20010022, Horse Rugs Nlw-hr-10045018, Nlw-hr-10045021 - Nlw-hr-10045021, Leather Belts F-b-20010023, Leather Belts Flb-40010018, Leather Belts Flb-40010026, Leather Belts Flb-40010029, Leather Belts Flb-40010039, EGLS 10010015, Mark Antony Helmet, Flexible Saddle 10010031, Flexible Saddle 10010032, Horse Saddle Nlw-sy-10010022, Horse Saddle Nlw-sy-10010024, Western Saddles Nlw 10010006, Western Saddles Nlw 10010092, Western Saddles Nlw 10019827, Western Saddles Nlw 20010013, Biothene Bridle, Biothene Bridle Btb-20020012, Cords Made Latest Bridle, Cowboy Hat, Eng-horse Bridle-20010036, Eng-bridle-20010045, Eng-bridle-20010050, Full Chap, Half Chap, Spanish Saddle, Harness Set 32010012, Horse Bridle Hb-20010036, Horse Bridle Hl-80050039, Stock Saddle, Horse Halters Lr-10010011, WESTERN HALTER, Western Saddles - Nlw 10010098, Leather Belts Flb-40010043, Leather Belts - Flb-40010051, English Saddle, Horse Rugs, horse tacks, Leather Belts, Saddle, Saddle Pad, Treeless Saddle, Western Saddle, Leather Safety Shoes, Latest Handbag, Raw Hide Reins Latest, saddlery, Braided Cord, Leather Belts, dog accessories, Leather Safety Shoes, Horse Tack Btb-20020013, Horse Tack - Eng-girth-70010042, ENG-HALTER-80050058, Horse Tack Gn-30010011, Horse Tack - Nlw-bb-20010030, NLW PB 80050156 horse tack, Horse Tack - Nlw-pph-80050051, Raw Hide Reins, Saddle, Finished Leather, Hair On Finished Leather, Leather Mat Nlm 50010023, Leather Mat - Nlm 50010024, Leather Mat - Nlm 50010025, Leather Mat - Nlm 50010026, Braided Cord, Cotton Cords, Leather Mat - Nlm 50010027, Suede Leather, Leads with Snap, Finsihed Leather, Hair on Leather, Upholstery Leather, Dog Accessories Dc-60010052, Dog Accessories Dc-60010054, Dog Accessories Dh-60020018, Dog Accessory Dl-10080012, Dog Accessories Dh-60020021, Dog Accessories - Leads with Snap, Leather Dog Harness, dog accessories, AFJ 40021004 artificial necklace, AFJ 40021005 artificial necklace, AFJ 40021006 artificial bracelets, AFJ 40021012 artificial necklace, LW 30010019 artificial necklace, Finished Leather, Hair On Finished Leather, Lw 30010020 Leather Wallets, Leather Wallets Lw 30010040, LW 30010031 Leather Wallets, Leather Handbag, Leather Handbag Lb 10010013, Leather Bags Lpf 10010011, Leather Mat Nlm 50010023, Leather Mat - Nlm 50010024, Leather Mat - Nlm 50010025, Leather Mat - Nlm 50010026, Flat Leather Cord, Leather Barbwire Cord, Leather Cord, Round Cords, Sude Leather Flat Cord, Leather Mat - Nlm 50010027, Suede Leather, Leather Bags, Leather Cords, Leather Mats, Leather Wallets, Horse Saddlery Egls 10010014, Horse Saddlery E-s-10010011, Stock Saddle, NLW-HR-10045006, NLW-HR-10045007, NLW-HR-10045009, NLW-HR-10045016, NLW 1001100, NLW 10010001, NLW 10010002, NLW 10010003, NLW 10010004, NLW TL 20010098, TL E 10010036, TL E 10010037, TL SADDLE 10010031, TL W 20010010, TL W 10010036, DC-60010052, DC-60010054, DH-60020018, DL-10080012, DH-60020021, NLW-P-20010001, NLW-SP-20010013, NLW-SP-20010014, NLW-SP-20010015, NLW-SP-20010016, NLW-SP-20010017, NLW-SP-20010022, F-B-20010023, FLB-40010018, FLB-40010026, FLB-40010029, FLB-40010039, LW 30010019, LW 30010020, LW 30010040, LW 30010031, LB 10010013, LPF 10010011, NLM 50010023, NLM 50010024, NLM 50010025, NLM 50010026, EGLS 10010014, E-S-10010011, FLX Saddle 10010031, FLX Saddle 10010032, NLW-SY-10010022, NLW-SY-10010024, NLW 10010006, NLW 10010092, NLW 10019827, NLW 20010013, BTB-20020012, BTB-20020013, ENG-BRIDAL-20010036, ENG-BRIDAL-20010045, ENG-BRIDAL-20010050, ENG-GIRTH-70010042, GN-30010011, HB-20010036, HL-80050039, LR-10010011, NLW-BB-20010030, NLW PB 80050156, NLW-PPH-80050051, NLW 10010098, FLB-40010043, FLB-40010051, NLM 50010027, NLW-HR-10045018, NLW-HR-10045021, Safety Shoe Leather, horse tacks, Treeless Saddle, Western Saddle, Canvas Rug, Leather Mats

Company Facts

Business Type : Manufacturer / Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers
Year of Estd : 2001
Company Turnover : Rs. 0.5 to 2.5 Crore Approx.
No. of Employee : 50 - 100
Business Markets : Usa , Uk , Australia, France
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Contact Details

Aasif Nehal (prop.)

39, Kailash Nagar, Jajmau, Kanpur-208010, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh - 208010, India

Primary Number : 08042782989

Mobile Phone : +91-9956065445