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sheeting cloth

A.K.Industrial Fabrics offer a wide range of Industrial Fabrics.Our fabric treatments protect canvas from Weather Extremes, Tropical Rains, Moulds, Rotting, Ultra Violet etc. The fabrics can also be given Wrinkle Resistant Treatments, Flame Resistant Treatments, Oil Resistant Treatments and Disruptive Prints etc.


Sheeting cloth
Sheeting is a type of loosely-woven cotton fabric, introduced to Europe from the Middle East in the 17th century. It became very popular at the end of the 18th century in France. Sheeting is most typically a closely-woven unbleached or white cloth, produced from corded cotton yarn. It is often used to make dresses or curtains but may also be used to complement foam for bench padding. Muslin breathes well, and is a good choice of material for clothing meant for hot, dry climates.

Muslin is also often used as a backing or lining for quilts, and thus can often be 
Found in wide widths in the quilting sections of fabric stores.

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