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Garlic Color Sorter Machine has tricky process of sorting or separating Garlic cloves with reference to their color shades.

APS Industries is one of the Leading ManufacturerSupplier & Exporter of Garlic Color Sorting Machine. 

This Machine Separates bad and good quality automatically and it can use for sorting garlic slice, chopped garlic granule and garlic cloves.

Please check below mentioned image that is end result after Garlic Color Sorting machine process. It shows two portion. Now we can utilize this in peeling process.

Garlic cloves sorting machine performs sorting operation so that it can be put back through the machine. It may take a couple of passes but it can still cuts down manual operation and leds to labor reduction that it takes to peel the garlic.

Saving time and money on labor can easily be realized with a peeled garlic cloves sorting machine.

There are huge benefits of using our Garlic Color sorting Machine. One of the benefit is it increases overall yield. Secondly it reduces labor requirements due to increased automation. It provides increased throughput. And one of the greatest benefit is consistent quality.

Machines do never complaint as what humans do. They never charge for overtime and they never quit. It is a onetime investment that easily earns its keep in a very short period of time. APS Industry garlic cloves sorting machine can help you to save production cost in terms of salary as well as training.

A machine never needs to be trained. It automatically knows what to perform and how to perform as what it is made up for. All you have to do is install it and start it up. It also reduces risk of human interaction with the garlic and potential assembly line injuries because it removes the human element.


We provide best after sales services 24X7X365.

Garlic Color Sorter Machine Features:
  • Contains no abrasive substances or elements.
  • Finishing is extremely seamless.
  • High Functionality machine.
  • Ultra high resolution line scan camera – For high speed sorting.
  • High Speed ejector 1 msec (1000 cycles per second).
  • Automatic Cleaning System – For consistent sorting quality.
  • Cost Effective and great value for money.
  • DSP based Image processing – For higher accuracy and reliability.


100 kg per hour

200 kg per hour

Technical Specifications:

Width 1550 X Height 1840 X Length 1506

Weight: 635 Kg.

Power: 2 hp single phase

Computerized Control Panel

  • Power : 2 hp single phase Computerized Control Panel
  • Diamention : Width 1550 X Height 1840 X Length 1506
  • Weight : 635 Kg.
  • Capacity: : 100 kg per hour ,200 kg per hour

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