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Tissue Culture : Banana

Tissue Culture : Banana

ABLR introduced cultivation of tissue culture raised banana plants for the first time in this part of Country leading to revolutionary change in economic stability of local farmers.

The lab has introduce many varieties like Grandnaine, Shrimant, Mahalaxmi and Basrai, out of which Grandnaine is most popular among the farmers due to its potential of getting a yield of 30 to 40 kg fruit per bunch and harvesting period under 12 months.

At ABLR we breed superior horticultural selections of this cultivar with high-yielding characteristics. Research and Development unit of ABLR is in a verge of developing elite verities of banana plants through somaclonal variations.Apart from our research we also have few elite banana clones procured from Israel viz; Gal, Zelig and Eilon which will be released to the Indian market soon after our field evaluations and trials.

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