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Room Dehumidifiers

Room Dehumidifiers

Moisture present in the air destroys the quality of the products stored or being manufactured. We offer a range of imported Room Dehumidifiers, which is manufactured strictly as per European standards such as CE and ISO9002 and used for controlling humidity in covered areas. These Room Dehumidifiers are perfect for a variety of areas like homes, hotels and offices. Additionally, our Room Dehumidifiers can ideally be used for Industrial areas where manufacturing, processing, packaging, and storage is done.

Our portable Room Dehumidifiers offer proper moisture control, thereby preventing the formation of rust, lumps in products and the growth of bacteria, molds, and so on. Apart from keeping the quality intact, these Room Dehumidifiers are also suitable for maintaining health, while being extremely useful for maintaining the functionality of Electrical and Electronic equipment.


  • Humidity Control : From 100% RH to 2% RH
  • Base : Refrigeration, Absorbent
  • Mounting type : Window and Table mounting

Our Room Dehumidifiers Consists Of

  • Defrost Indicator
  • Humidity Level Control
  • Water Tank Full Indicator
  • Energy Saving Compressor
  • Easy-Glide Bottom Caster
  • LCD Display Screen
  • Water Reservoir Processed by "Anti-Bacteria" Formula
  • Pre Filter for removing Dust, larger floating pollutant particles
  • Auto Display for Room Temperature and Humidity
  • Optional Permanent Drain Facility

Specialty Of Our Room Dehumidifiers

  • CFC Free
  • Portable design
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Continuous Drain Option
  • Environment friendly
  • Low noise


  • Industrial and Commercial
    • Packaging and manufacturing areas
    • Storage and processing rooms for foods, drugs, sugar & fertilizers
    • Electronic
    • Libraries and Book Stores
    • Diamond cutting rooms
    • Hospitals and Nursing Home
    • Film editing rooms
    • Rooms with Laser Machines
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Chemicals
    • Hotels, Health Clubs & Spas
    • Storage of Defence Equipment,
    • Rooms with Control Panels, Music Recording Systems
    • Ware Houses
    • Art Galleries
    • Offices and Buildings
    • Institution and Laboratories
    • Computer and Server rooms
    • Museums and Archives
  • Domestic
    • Furniture
    • Furnishings
    • Walls
    • Electronic & Digital Equipments like LCD / LED, Plasma TVs
    • Music Systems, DVD Players
    • Paintings & Photography
    • Musical Instruments
    • Food and Other Storage
    • Personal Health-House Mites and Fungus

  • Material : Plastic
  • Type : Refrigerant - Portable
  • Usage : Office Use, Residential Use
  • Application area : 80-100 aquare meters
  • Colour : White
  • Supply voltage : 220-230V

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