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Wooden H Beams

Wooden H Beams

What is H Beam?
H Beam, is engineered product comprising of solid- webbed beams made of wood- based materials. H Beam consists of a web and flange section which makes it stronger and denser. The wooden flange are made of pinewood which is chemically treated, seasoned and planed maintaining complete accuracy in order to render uniformity to the flanges. The web consists of Marine Grade Plywood. The flanges and web are then finger jointed and hot processed resulting in a solid composite structure which is symmetrical and dimensionally stable. The section of the H-Beam is "I" shaped which makes it structurally strong and economical in the long run due to high number of repetitions.

Advantages :

  • Gives a clean, accurate and uniform concrete finish; free from any bulge and distortion
  • More predictable, hence easy to design and use
  • Minimizes work at site resulting in increased labour productivity
  • Lessor support is required when used for form work making
  • Ensures safe and speedy construction
  • Long- lasting, resulting in reduction in timber consumption
  • Economical thus boosting savings within a short period of usage
  • Environment friendly (The best reason why it should be opted for)
  • High dimensional stability


Unique Features :

  • Consistent strength
  • Uniform size
  • Low shrinkage
  • Compact, lightweight and shockproof
  • High load- bearing capacity
  • Easy to transport, handle and stock
  • Easy to understand by traditional workmen
  • Retains structural properties over a period of time, even after continual usage


Sizes Available :

  • H-10, H-12, H-16 and H- 20
  • Length : 1 Meter - 4.8 Meter
  • Dimensions and length can be customized upon bulk orders

Accessories :

  • Plastic Cap for H- Beam end protection
  • Tension Pins for locking H- Beams

  • Material : Wooden
  • Length : 1-1000mm, 1000-2000mm, 2000-3000mm
  • Application : Construction, Manufacturing Unit, Marine Applications, Water Treatment Plant
  • Color : wooden
  • Features : Corrosion Proof, Excellent Quality
  • Shape : H Shape
  • Finishing : Polished
  • Dimension : 10-100mm, 100-200mm, 20-300mm, 300-400mm, 400-500mm, 500-600mm
  • Type : Beams


Cost Advantage Traditional Wood Runners H- Beam
No. Of Repettions 12- 15      100- 105
Form work support required   More   Less  
Cost of assembling and fixing More   Less  
Cost per repetition More     Less  
Labour productivity Less   More  

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