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Other Products / Services

Our Complete range of products are Mammography (Digital), Mammography (Analog), Ortho Pantomo Graph (OPG) (Digital / Analog), Remote Controlled RF Table/X-Ray Systems and Electroencephalograph (EEG).

Mammography (Digital)

  • Features A mammography unit that turns faster workflow into high patient throughput. , Zero point technique with digital AEC. and Anatomical Programming Radiology (APR) for different breast sizes.

Allengers Fairy DR is designed in such a way that provides fine balance between best patient care with meeting competitive business demands. Its unique design ensures that the technologist is never far from the patient when operating the machine. Huge advancements have taken place in last two decades in digital mammography. Allengers, years of expertise in imaging solutions, coupled with innovative research has resulted in providing a cost effective digital mammography machine for ensuring better health care for women. This unit will help you to achieve your goals without compromising on patient comfort and care.

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Mammography (Analog)

Auto selection of radiographic factors as per patient’s anatomy (saves time, eliminates retakes, lowers dose, etc.).As an AEC monitors the X-Rays transmitted through the breast, it increases the diagnostic capability. Full featured automatic exposure control with 5 step density control and 5 different film screen combinations. A solid state detector ensures the accuracy and exposure consistency. For quick and fine selection of radiographic parameters for optimum image quality.3 step Anatomical Programming (APR) for different breast sizes (small, medium and large). Fully compatible with digital stereotactic biopsy device to perform FNA, FNL and Core biopsies. Special emphasis has been laid for patient comfort during biopsy procedures. Digital display of compression parameters. Self diagnostic inter locks.

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Ortho Pantomo Graph (OPG) (Digital / Analog)

  • features Frontal maxillary sinus scan , Center and canine laser centering device.

Allengers Smart PAN is fully micro controller based OPG systems. It is controlled by a soft touch console and equipped with an alphanumeric digital display for a clear indication of the working parameters and operative messages. The operative cycle is entirely run by microprocessor, controlling its different modes from programming of the emission parameters according to chosen examination and patient’s size, to the voltage fluctuation and to the notification of possible anomalies, failures or errors.

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Remote Controlled RF Table/X-Ray Systems

  • Features Dynamic FPD (17" x 17") embedded inside the table (In Digital Model). , 16" Image Intensifier (In Analog Model)

Allengers AngioTAB 90 90 a remote controlled RF system combines flexibility with advanced engineering, thereby setting new standards for diagnostic image quality in order to provide practitioners with an effective diagnostic tool, and thereby making the task easy, effortless and hygienic for both patient and practitioner with a host of special features.

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Electroencephalograph (EEG)

  • Features Facility to send EEG data through E-Mail, export in MATALAB/Lab view. , Free Lifetime Online Support & S/W up gradation . and Inbuilt EDF (European Data Format) converter.

Allengers Virgo series of EEG test systems are designed using state-of-the-art technology and Recording & monitoring of electrical activities of brain and to investigate and locate seizure origin. Advanced digital signal processing and brain mapping techniques are highlights of Allengers EEG.

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Polysomnograph (PSG)

  • Features C-PAP and Bi-PAP interfacing , Facility to export data to PDF. and Remote monitoring.

Allengers VIRGO Series of Polysomnography (PSG) are sleep study systems to meet the need for sleep and neurological diagnostic recording.

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C-Arm Compatible ESWL

  • Features Safe and effective. , Performed as an outpatient procedure. and Proven effectiveness – millions successfully treated worldwide.

Allengers UROLITH + , an Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy – commonly called ESWL or Lithotripsy – is a safe, effective and easy non-invasive procedure for kidney stones. High energy shock waves are used to pulverize the kidney stones into sand-like particles, which the body eliminates through the urinary tract.

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Digital Radiography Fixed Retrofit Kit

  • Features Compatible with all X-Ray machines. , 139 µm pixel size. , High image quality at low dose , Auto Exposure Detector (AED) - no interface required.

UPGRADE your existing film/CR X-Ray equipment to FPD based Digital Radiography System with minimum disruption to your work. Smart DR is a Fixed Digital Radiography Retrofit Kit to convert your existing X-ray film/CR X-Ray System to full room Digital Radiography System. Smart DR provides High Patient Throughput enabling enhanced and efficient work-flow to serve a greater number of patient. The Smart DR with NTF solutions brings down substantially the cost of film and printing. Post your enquiry now for Unbeatable Price of Fixed Retrofit Kit and NTF film and printing solution.

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ISO Mammo (Analog)

  • Features Microcontroller based embedded platform to ensure accurate delivery of exposure parameters. , Automatic compression locking after maximum compression of compression paddle.
  • Isocentric Advantages at a Glance Faster treatment. , Gantry always rotates around the target.

Fairy is designed in such a way that provides fine balance between best patient care with meeting competitive business demands. Its unique design ensures that the technologist is never far from the patient when operating the machine.

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Digital Radiography (Ceiling Suspended)

  • Feartures Preview image is available in less than 5 seconds (no long wait for patients). , Digital touch display on tube stand for various parameters selection., Easy to connect with existing HIS / HMS / RIS / PACS in a hospital environment.

Allengers DigiX FDX system is a state of art diagnostic Digital Radiography system, intended for general purpose Radiography. Can handle high patient workflow comfortably.

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