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Amar Bulk Carriers

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Absolute Alcohol 99.6%

Absolute Alcohol 99.6%

We bring forth Absolute Alcohol 99.6% in the national and international market. Processed under the guidance of the experts, the Absolute Alcohol 99.6% is used in various industrial and commercial applications.

Lab Test Report

Ethanol content, percent by volume at 15.6C 99.81
Miscibility with water Miscible
Alkalinity Nil
Acidity, as acetic acid, percent by weight, maximum 0.004
Residue on evaporation, percent by weight, maximum 0.005
Aldehydes, as acetaldehyde, g/100 ml, maximum 0.08
Esters, as ethyl acetate, g/100 ml, maximum 0.02
Copper, as Cu, g/100 ml, maximum 0.0002
Lead, as Pb, g/100 ml, maximum 0.00005
Methyl alcohol To satisfy test.
Fusel oil To satisfy test.
Ketones, isoproply alcohol and tertiary butyl alcohol To satisfy test.
Total sulphur and sulphur compounds, as S, percent by weight, maximum 0.0005
Sulphur dioxide, as SO2, percent by weight, maximum 0.0003
Water content 0.15

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