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Paste Filling Machine - (pneumatic) (AEPPF1000)

Paste Filling Machine - (pneumatic) (AEPPF1000)

Aeppf series machine can simply called as a perfect filling machine or a multi-purpose filling machine. In this machine, we can fill from liquids to hard paste material without changing any parts. A very user-friendly model with low maintenance requirement. This machine is the upgraded version of ordinary semi-automatic motorised paste filler. Here, all filling operations are done by pneumatic cylinders. Less rotating moving parts means low maintenance.

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Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union,

Packaging Details : Wooden Box of 48 inch Long X 21" width X 40 inch Height

Delivery Time : 25 days

Machine Structure And Working

Complete Filling machine unit is mounted on a strong frame structure with a top plate. A horizontally assembled Piston Barrel unit attached to a Pneumatic Cylinder is the main part of this machine. Other parts are, A rotary valve actuated by a pneumatic rotary actuator/CYLINDER, and a volume adjusting screw. A separate panel box is provided with the machine to perform all the operations in sequence. A pedal operating foot switch is also given to do each filling. A cut-off drip free valve can also provided as added facility to stop dripping during filling. When the mains are ON, the only operation manually done is to place the bottle/container under the fill nozzle, and to press the foot switch. A perfect measured filling is occurred.
Strong BracketHigh accuracy in filling can be achieved in this unit
A HopperFill output can be varied from 15 fills to 30 fills according to the operator skill
A fill barrel- piston (Syringe) arrangementHere also the syringe comes in different sizes as liquid filler
A hand operating LeverAn inbuilt hopper of 5 liter capacity is also provided with the machine for small model up to 50 GMS fills and Hopper of higher capacities
A set screw is provided in this machine to set the required fill volumeLarger fill volumes and Table top model weighs less than 20 KGS and operating is very easy. All the material contact parts are made in SS304/316

Fill Material

CreamStyling Gel
GelsHard Pastes
GumFace creams
Complete GMP Model suitable for Pharma Applications and food industries. Clean filling without dripping, Any material from free flowing liquids to hard pastes can be filled by same machine. High accuracy in each filling. Container resting Platform provided Separate Panel Box with all control switches away from fill area. SPECIFICATIONS For Semi-Automatic PISTON filler Pneumatic Machine:  Machine Model: Semi-Automatic Paste Filler Pneumatic, AEPPF250  Machine overall size; 2ft L X 1Ft W X 3 Ft H  Machine weight: 65 kgs approx.  All Material contact Parts are in SS304 grade, finished to mat.  Fill Barrel size: 40mm Bore X 200 Length(For 250gms filling)  Output: 15 fills per minute.  Fill Capacity: 10gms-250gms as per barrel size  Compressor required: 5.5 Kg.cm2, 5 cfm.  Inbuilt Panel Box with timers switches and valves.  No Hopper comes with this machine, Material can be sucked from any vessel.  Adjustable stroke and fill volume with a hand wheel provided with the machine.  Adjustable fill height.

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