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Magnetic Particle Powder Clutch

Magnetic Particle Powder Clutch

Magnetic particle powder clutch are manufactured in wide rating range, form tiny 0.01 kgm (0.1 nm) to massive 1000 kgm (10000nm), in various cooling versions such as self cooled, forced air cooled, fan cooled & water cooled. These are true torque control devices. Torque is strictly proportional to excitation current applied to coil. These devices come with matching electronics to meet your most exacting applications such as torque control, tension control, stretch control, torque limit & many more.

Powder brakes & clutches are torque control devices. Torque is controlled by varying the excitation current. Torque delivered by powder devices is strictly proportional to excitation. These devices has minimal drag torque, i.e. At zero excitation, torque is minimal and near to zero. This devices are ideal for high torque & low power application


wide torque rating range: from tiny 0.1 kgm (1 nm) to massive 1000 kgm (10000) nm

wide range of torque control - 1:50

accurate torque setting & control:

stable torque: independent of slip speed

fast response due to low inertia to output torque ratio

high power dissipation

compact in size.

Cooling: natural, forced air by external fan, water, coolant

long life

low maintenance


tension control at unwind, rewind & between intermittent section:

· papermaking,

· printing,

· plastics,

· wire and cable,

· rubber,

· textile,

· tablet machines

torque control:

· test equipment, - gear boxes gear transmissions, motors

· torque limiter

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : export and sea worthy

Delivery Time : 2-3 weeks

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