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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Spray Paint Booth Spraytech, Spray Paint Booth Endothemic Gamma, Titan, Pulling System and SPOTLINER

Spray Paint Booth Spraytech

• 3 big door and one emergency door. • High efficient heat exchanger made of 1.5mm thickness stainless steel plate with large air contact surface • Metal base with full grates 50 m thick wall panels • Electrically operated Automatic Damper • 10 sets of upper lights, 4x40wset • 9.5 KW professional blower for air intake • Exhaust Air Fan (optional)

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Spray Paint Booth Endothemic Gamma

  • Dimension 2 panels of dimensions 2385x730x39 mm, 4 Panels of dimensions 2385x730x39 mm, 4 panels of dimension 2385x730x39 mm and Nr.4 panels under the ceiling roof.

This new system, studied for waterborne paints, uses a special heating system that is operating during the drying phase ( but even during painting phase have to be used for heating the car body especially during cold months) and dry the paint starting form the metal of the body heated directly by the radiant waves. During the drying phase the ventilation is stopped and then in this way the booth do not need any burner or heat exchanger or smoke ducts and the cost for each painting and drying phases are considerably reduced if compared the cost of the gas and the electricity.

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  • Type Four  Post
  • Technology Electro Hydraulic
  • Lifting Weight 4.5 Ton
  • Lifting Height 1700 mm
  • Lifting Time 45 sec.
  • Overall Height 2225 mm
  • Overall Length 3120 mm
  • Overall Width 5785 mm
  • Inside Columns 2610 mm
  • Between Runways 900 mm
  • Runway Length 4910
  • Runway Width 510
  • Lowest Height 170 mm

Electro Hydraulic Four Post Wheel Alignment Lift.Adujtable runway for different tread widths, Hydraulic cylinder located inside fixed platform for maximum safety.Automatic descent locking device in case of cable failure , Multi-position safety locks in each column.Rolling jacks for wheel free operation, Single point release locking latches.

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Pulling System

Rigid Frame Straightening System with lifting and anchoring.Economical and Space Saving System.Easy to put together system for quick and accurate repair of light and heavy damages. Two seats of 10 Ton Hydraulics to provide two pulls or one push & a pull simultaneously , resulting in quick repairs. Capable of repairing frontal damage without removing engin in some cases.

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SPOTLINER is a complete dent pulling kit, essential for repairing small, medium & big dents. (sill, wheelhouse, car fender etc.) It can be used to:Remove dents without disassembling vehicle fittings, Repair without replacing.

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Computerized Lift

  • Type SCM 75
  • SCM 90 Capacity
  • 7.5 Ton 9 Ton
  • Lifting Stroke 170 mm
  • 170 mm Lifting Time
  • 165  mm/s 165 mm/s
  • Motor Power 3 Kv
  • 4 kv Weight
  • 560 Kg. 600 Kg.

Electro-mechanical by screw-nut.Bearing & safety nuts of same dimensions of certified quality bronze UNI 1705 B 14, Computerised control unit, Electronic control of the equal level of the columns, Graphic visualisation of the functioning and of the lifting height of each column on a big crystal display.Self-diagnosis and visualisation on the display of any damage control unit mounted on the master column or installed on a mobile console.

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SMARTLINER is a complete dent pulling kit, essential for repairing small, medium & big dents. (sill, wheelhouse, car fender etc.) . Remove dents without disassembling vehicle fittings.Repair without replacing.

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The SPOT 14500 TRAFO is the ideal answer to the welding requirements of high strength steels (UHSS Boron), with a clamping force of 550 daN with 8bar air pressure & welding current that can reach 14500Amps. Its C clamp operate with 16 Amps to 25 Amps fuses only.

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Fuel Injector Service Unit

Setting the standard in professional EFI servicing.The ICT-V4 is a highly professional device which allows for injectors cleaning and testing.With the ICT-V4 even the smallest workshop has access to the highest level of injector servicing technology available today.

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Manifolod Gauge Set

  • Vacuum 0-76cm/hg

Inclosed the 1107 adjustable coupler, R-134 a sight glass manifol with three, 60 color coded hoses with sight glasses.High Pressure 0-500 psi 0-35 kgcm2.

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The multiscan is an outstanding Diagnostic Tool for mobile technicians and established workshop alike. Often chosen a opposed to continue paying ridiculous amount of memory to keep older equipment up to date, which will never offer the same level of coverage. The Multiscan System features multi system coverage e.g. ABS, SRS, ETS, Climate control, ECM, PCM, immobiliser, Instrument cluster & much more.Also the multiscan Supports extended function such as aviation, resultting of basic setting, adaption vlue rereset, repair guides etc.Print full workshop with the HOST PRO.

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Unique Compression

Easy-reading 2-12" diameter rubber covered gauge features color-codded quadruple calibrations with 0-300 psi, 21 kgcm, 21 bar & 2100 kpa.

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Diesel Engin Compression Tester Kit

This is generally the Preferred test method and avoids damage to the injector, and fuel system contamination. Gauge range : 0~1000 psi 0~70 bar.

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Pneumatic Oil & Liquid Dispenser

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