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Other Products / Services

We offer the best product range of Tubular Support, Wrist Cock-Up Splint, Tubular Support Below Knee, Extended Baseball Splint and Ankle Grip.

Tubular Support

Provides firm support for joint structure with gentle compression over the wrist and forearm region, pull on sleeve type two way tubular elastic. 

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Wrist Cock-Up Splint

Recommended for sprains and strains in the wrist, also in early cast removal. It is provided with velcro buckle closing straps, foam padding & pre-bent palmer metal splint. Splint is removable & angle of immobilization at the wrist joint can be adjusted.

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Tubular Support Below Knee

Ideal therapeutic compression for tired and aching legs. Effective treatmentfor burning scar hypertrophy, post injury recuperation. 

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Extended Baseball Splint

Recommended in hyper-flexion injuries & collateral ligament injuries of Distal Inter Phalangeal joint. Maintains interphalangeal joints in correct position. Foam padding ensures comfortable fit. 

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Ankle Grip

Recommended in sprains & strains of ankle, arthritis, edema, muscle, tendon & ligament injuries and inflammation. Also used as prophylaxis in sports. Made of compression sleeve and elasticized wrap

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Cot Splint

Recommended in finger tip injuries, nail bed injuries & burns care. U shaped clip style metal splint offers comfortable fit. Provided with ventilated foam padding. 

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Carpal Tunnel Splint

Recommended in management of mild to moderate Carpal tunnel (CT) syndrome. CT syndrome is characterized by numbness, tingling and burning in hands and fingers. Prevents reoccurrence of CT syndrome. Prevents pain, numbness and provides comfort. 

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Arm Immobilizer

Provides firm support, uniform compressionand enhanced comfort. Holds the arm in extension position and prevents flexion. 

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Short Arm Splint

It is used for initial support of the injured extremity & for postoperative immobilization of internally fixed fractures. To immobilize joints of the hand & wrist or to protect bony & soft tissues in the forearm. Temporary or preoperative support for a variety of injuries. 

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Walker Castors

Designed for stability & ease of use. Large rubber tips provide traction & control. Quick, easy tool-free assembly. Aluminium lightweight frame supports upto 100 kgs. Adjustable height & folds easily with one touch button release It is provided with 360 O  rotating wheels.

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Cervical Immobilizer

Pre-moulded chin and balloon design. Provides excellent immobilization & total neck comfort. Offers large trachea opening Ideal for degenerative disorders, immobilization after trauma / surgery & all other similar 

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Premium Calf Support

Four ways stretch advantage provides comfort, support & controlled compressions without leaving impression on skin. It reduces painful muscle cramp & provides effective relief for aching calf muscles. It improves blood circulation & eases muscle strain. 

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toe separators

Prevents overlapping toes & reduces friction between toes.Prevents friction & abrasion from corns and other lesions. Recommended after forefoot surgical procedures. 

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Premium Thigh Support

Four ways stretch advantage provides comfort & controlled compression. Reduces stress & strain. Significantly reduces fatigue & muscle tiredness. Provides compression, heat retention & supports for the quadriceps and hamstrings.

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Cervical Traction Head Holder

Cervical Traction Head Holder suitable for vertical & horizontal traction at home, hospital or private clinics. Longitudinal stretching by traction effectively reduces pain associated with cervical spondylosis. Can be used for all adults and children. 

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Premium Anklet

It is provided with four ways stretch advantage, light weight and over lock design. Recommended in edema, sports injuries, mild to moderate sprains & strains. Helps to reduce swelling in edema and provides comfort. Closed heel for more compression with open toe for air ventilation. 

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Weight Cuffs

Used for exercise and for general physiotherapy and rehabilitation. It is used to improve muscle mass, strength, muscle tone and stamina. PUF fused fabric enclosing provides good cushioning and durability.  Securing system includes hook-and-loop strap with a double safety closure to assure easy adjustment and secure fit. 

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Flami POP

Plaster of paris bandages are of superior quality, strong and durable. Used in orthopaedic segment in the treatment of bone damages and dislocation. It is available in different sizes and lengths.

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Flamingo cool pack

Its unique cooling therapy helps you relive most of body aches. The coolest and easiest solution for stress and pain.  Non - toxic gel, Leak resistant Flexible even when chilled / frozen Washable Cover with Velcro strap Retains chill for long duration 

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Pediatric Walker

It is used for children with temporary injuries and children with physical disabilities or for special need.  Adjustable and lightweight 

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Water Weight Bag

For application of Cervical, Pelvic & Skin/Foot traction when prescribe by physician. Calibrated upto 12 kilogram capacity. Excellent Quality. Easy to read.

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Tri-Leg Stick

Non abrasive special engineering Rubber Tri Leg Bottom for firm base grip. Rubber Tri Leg Bottom gives support on even & uneven surfaces.

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