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Rehabilitation Equipment

Our product range comtains a wide range of Sternal Splint, Knee Cap, Gel Elbow Support, Elbow Support and Hinged Knee Cap

Sternal Splint

Soft foam padded for mild compression support. High quality 5.25" chest wrap with convenient Velcro for sternum weakened by injury/surgery.

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Knee Cap

Recommended as a support in weak knee arthritic conditions, sports injury & as post surgical rehabilitation care. 

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Gel Elbow Support

Ensures strong grip & comfortable compression. The gel pad helps to relieve pain & soreness in the forearm & elbow. Recommended in osteoarthritis, post elbow arthroscopy, chronic swelling & edema, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, pre & post operative elbow conditions. 

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Elbow Support

Recommended for sport injuries and in mild to moderate sprains and strains. Reduces pain, protect the joint, stabilizes the surrounding muscles. 

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Hinged Knee Cap

A high quality & lightweight hinged knee cap with a long, thick Nylon & Cotton sleeve and with polycentric hinges, hyperextension stops & condyle pads for enhanced fit, comfort & support. It gives strong lateral support to the sides of the knee. Suitable for knee injuries particularly involving ligament damage to Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Medial Collateral Ligaments. This is certainly one of the best hinged knee cap. The Bi-Axle hinge allows the brace to move smoothly as the knee moves, whilst still maintaining optimum support.  Special soft Gel ring fixed to immobilize the pattela movements. Very comfortable for pattela region.

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Tennis Elbow Support

Ensures strong grip and comfortable compression. Provided with adjust able hook and strap for tension control. It is recommended for conditions like Osteoarthritis, Post elbow Arthroscopy, Chronic swelling and oedema, Targeted relief from forearm pain, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow. Pre and Post-Operative elbow conditions 

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Shoulder Support

It can be worn on left or right shoulder. It provides warmth, support & pain relief to shoulder joint. It gives stability & joint flexibility to quicken the healing process. It can be worn comfortably under clothing. Hook and loop closure for easy adjustment. It is recommended for conditions like Shoulder dislocation, Rotator cuff tendonitis & Shoulder instability. 

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Gel heel pad

Plantar Fascia produces uncanny pain which is a very common orthopaedic problem. The inevitable part of the treatment is to provide heel cushioning in the inner area of the shoe. The development of the calcaneum spur & the overgrowth which is un-operatable, presses hard on the innersole heel area resulting unbearable pain & restricts the mobility.. 

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Gel Tennis Elbow Support

The gel pad helps to relieve pain & soreness in the forearm & elbow. An adjustable strap will gives comfortable fit. Recommended for any activity involving a strong grip or strain on the forearm & elbow 

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Elastic Knee Support

Provides effective joint control for weak or injured knees. Aids stiff, swollen & painful knees. Ideal for sports, work, home or leisure. Controlled compression & rigidity of splint along with normal flexion & free movement. 

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Gel Patella Knee Cap

Patella ring made of soft Gel strategically positioned around the knee for added comfort & support. Soft gel ring snugs & restricts petallar movement. 

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Open Patella Knee Cap

Improves healing and keeps joints &muscle flexible. For arthritic knee conditions, minor sprains & strains. Rubber ring helps to guide the patella position. 

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Premium Elbow Support

It is made of spandex yarn with four ways stretch advantage. Light weight overlock design. Provides heat & uniform compression that helps to reduce pain. It decreases stress on painful areas. Recommended in tennis elbow, tendonitis and bursitis & stress injuries. 

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Tubular Wrist Support

Relieves pain from an injured or weak wrist through gentle compression & firm support. Provides comfortable fit & stabilization during activity & provides heat retention. 

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Premium Knee Cap

It is provided with four ways stretch advantage, light weight & over lock design. Recommended as a support in weak knee arthritic conditions, sports injury and as post surgical rehabilitation care. 

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