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Fish Food

Our offered Product range includes Floating Fish Feed, Healthy Fish Feed Pellet and Organic Fish Feed Pellet.

Floating Fish Feed

1.05 k - 1.66 k /Bag
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 16 Long Ton
  • Type Floating Fish Feed
  • Application Fish Feeding
  • Color Yellow
  • Feature High In Protein
  • Packaging Type Pp Bag
  • Form Powder
  • Packaging Size 25kg
  • Fish Type Aquatic
  • Protein 20% - 38%
  • Shelf Life 1 Year
  • Crude Fat 3% - 5%

Astha Traders is the best floating fish feed supplier in West Bengal, India. Fish feed is crucial for fish farmers to make sure that the fish get all the food they need, both in terms of quality and quantity. We understand such needs and therefore offer our customers products that are manufactured following the right measurements and nutritional value required by the fish. We being the best exporters of floating fish feed West Bengal, India, make sure that our products are up to the mark. This is the reason why we test all our products and ensure that meets the expectations of our customers and clients. Following are some of the top advantages of using floating fish feed are: Wider Application Floating fish feeds have a broad-scale application. Be it cage fish culture or small ponds, be it running water fish culture or industrial fish farming, floating fish feed remains the most popular choice. A big reason behind this is that a vast majority of fish feeds are comfortable with floating feeds as it is very easy to consume. Maximum Nutrition Retention As the name suggests, floating feed remains suspended on the water surface for a considerable amount of time. Superior quality feeds can float on the water surface for about 10 hours. This is one of the biggest advantages of this type of feed. Most of the time feed tend to lose around 20% of the material when they mix with water. However, that is not the case with floating feeds as they remain suspended. As a result, your breed is not getting deprived of essential nutrients. Choose us and order our products without any delay.

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Healthy Fish Feed Pellet

25 /Kilogram
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  • Application Fish Feeding
  • Feature High In Protein, Natural
  • Packaging Type PP Bag
  • Packaging Size 50kg, 30 Kg
  • Fish Type Aquatic
  • Fiber 18%
  • Moisture 12%
  • Length 3 mm

If you are looking for the best suppliers and exporters of healthy fish feed pellet West Bengal, you are in the right place. Our company Astha Traders is the best company to deal with. The products of our company are made with good quality products and using the latest technology. We want our customers to have products that meet the amount they pay and also make sure that the products are safe for use. Fish food pellet that we offer to our customers are of top-notch quality and meets the needs of our customers and clients. These also offer amazing benefits. Some are as follows. Convenient and Effective There is no need for a separate feeding table when it comes to healthy fish pellet feeds. Farmers can easily observe the consumption ratio and easily monitor the leftovers. As a result, it saves a lot of time and labour effort. Farmers can easily calculate the feed requirement and help themselves from spending big on an excessive amount of feeds. Tailor-made for Young Fish Owing to its loose pellet structure, floating feeds are very easy to digest. Young fish can easily consume them and digest them without any hassles. Moreover, it is crispy and porous which makes it incredibly easy to absorb. Studies reveal that healthy fish feeds can ensure the best FCR rate and have the highest rate of utilisation. Easy to Store Due to high temperature and continuous pressure expansion, the water content in this type of feed is very low (less than 10%). It has fewer chances of decaying due to low moisture content. Order our products today and get them delivered to your preferred location without any delay.

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Organic Fish Feed Pellet

25 /Kilogram
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  • Packaging Size 50kg, 30 Kg
  • Application Fish Feeding
  • Grade Standard Feed Grade
  • Moisture 18%
  • Crude Fiber 12%
  • Is It Organic Organic
  • Length 3mm
  • Feed Form Pellet

Astha Traders is the best supplier and manufacturer of organic fish feed pellets West Bengal. Fish feed pellet is the generic term for the nutrient-rich feed ingredient used primarily in diets for domestic animals, sometimes used as a high-quality organic fertiliser. Fish feed pellet can be made from almost any type of seafood but is generally manufactured from wild-caught, small marine fish that contain a high percentage of bones and oil, and are usually deemed not suitable for direct human consumption. These fishes are considered industrial since most of them are caught for the sole purpose of fish feed and fish oil production. A small percentage of fishmeal is rendered from the by-catch of other fisheries, and by-products or trimmings created during the processing of various seafood products destined for direct human consumption. Why Choose Products From Us? People use fish feed pellets from our company because we supply good quality products at an affordable price. The products of our company are manufactured using top-quality raw materials by the best manufacturers of the country. The products of our company are tested at every stage to ensure that it has the right amount of nutrients and also safe for the consumption of fish. These are tested and certified and then supplied to our customers and clients. For us, our customer's satisfaction and needs are all the matter and we do not leave any stones unturned and fulfil all the needs and requirements of our customers and clients. Order our products today in your required quantity and get them delivered right to your doorstep without any delay. For more details and information call us and speak to our executives.

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