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Religious conch shell (Hand carve don natural Sea Conch shell)

Religious conch shell (Hand carve don natural Sea Conch shell)

Dhyani buddhas are emanated from adibuddha. These are five dhyani buddhas (buddhas in meditation) they ar enot seperate gods, they ar ejust abstract aspect of buddhahood. They are also often called tathagata. They are so popular in nepal that they are found in every stupa, thousand of chaityas, in countryards, and found painted in the main entrance of the buddhist house. In kathmandu, they are also called panch buddha. They are always shown seated in the position of meditation. Of the five dhyani buddhas are senior is vairochana who occupies centre of the mandala. In the chaityas only four other dhyani buddha akshobhya in the east. Ratna sambhav in the south, amitabha in nthe west, and amoghshiddhi in the north & depicted.

  • Material : Natural Shell
  • Style : Ritual
  • Type : Religious
  • Regional Feature : Buddhist
  • Occasion : Special Ceremony In Monastry
  • Product Type : Religious
  • Carving Type : Buddhist Religious
  • Brand Name : Asthamangal Handicraft
  • Use : Religious
  • other buddha deities gods and goddess also carved : Natural sea sound
  • different size and shape available : All gods and goddess are hand carved
  • Dhyani Buddha Conch Shell : Special gift and home decoration

Additional Information:

Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Minimum Order Quantity : 2 Piece(s)

Packaging Details : Sage Packign using safe packaging material

Delivery Time : 21 days

Approx Price : Per 1 Piece(s)

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