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Our product range comtains a wide range of Sugarcane strubber, BED FORMER, Hydraulic Bucket Arm, Cultivator Duck Foot and Bunding Machine

Sugarcane strubber

  • Number Of Blades 8
  • Mounting CAT Cat II
  • Main Frame ( sq. pipe) 50 X 50 mm Sq Pipe
  • Blades Boron Steel
  • Number OF Tyne 2
  • Drive⁄ Output Speed PTO 540 RPM/180 RPM
  • Over All: Length x Width x Height  (mm) 1580x1800x1060
  • Weight (Approx. in Kgs) 249
  • Suitable HP Range 35 To 55

Row spacing Size and depth of the ridge can be adjusted. This machine is used for the chopping of sugarcane stems with ground level. Improve germination of shoots and no chances of pests and fungus attack. It serve preparation cost and labour cost and time also. Performs Inter-culture operations Reduces frequency and duration of irrigation Reduces total cost of production of Ratoon Sugarcane crop

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  • Number of Tynes 2
  • Mounting CAT Cat II
  • Main Frame 50 X 50 Sq pipe
  • Number Of Clamp 2
  • Bed Size  Adjustable
  • Weight (Approx. in Kgs) 250
  • Suitable HP Range 35-50

It is used for cultivation of multi crops  Groundnut, Bellary onion, Ragi, Maize, Black Grame, Coriander, Vegetables, Banana, Papaya, Sappota, Bitter gourd with this Implement it is possible to lay levelled beds, bunds and irrigation channels etc., quickly and perfectly. This Implement is multi operational to lay levelled beds, bunds and irrigation channels etc.,  It works quickly and perfectly. It can conveniently be converted as BUNDFORMER WITH RIDGER by removing the Leveler.

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Hydraulic Bucket Arm

  • Model Number ARM -01
  • Main Frame 100 X 100  mm Square pipe
  • Match Tractor for 45-HP tractor
  • Bucket Capacity (M3): 0.2
  • Bucket Width: 0.8 mm
  • Overall Dimensions (During Transportation): 1875 X 840 X 1528 mm (LXWXH)
  • Bucket Rotating Angle (Degree): 120
  • Discharging Height B (MM) 1800 (Approx.)
  • Control Level 1 (hydraulic Cylinder )

The Bahubali Hydraulic Bucket is ideal for loading trucks, carts and other. It is fabricated with the highest quality steel plates and hydraulic tilting. It is mostly used for farm goods and waste loading. Ruggedly constructed from tabular steel, the crane is capable of lifting a load up to 200-300 kg. The goose-neck design makes it particularly handy for loading and unloading trucks and Trailors. Used almost daily on any farm. Simple - One minute attachment. It is recommended that the stabilizer bar chain be used if transporting over rough ground. Height of lift is adjustable with help of hydraulic system

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Cultivator Duck Foot

  • DESCRIPTION Cultivator Duck Foot
  • Number of Tynes 5
  • Mounting CAT Cat II
  • Main Frame Sq. 65 X 6
  • Size of Tyne (Material) 32 mm Thickness.
  • Shovel (Material) 8 mm (EN-8)
  • Working Width Range (Approx. mm) 2000
  • Weight (Approx. in Kgs) 280
  • Suitable HP Range 35-50

Duck-foot cultivator is widely used in the black-cotton type soil. It is used  for final field preparations and finer pulverization of the top soil immediately before sowing. It operates at light chisel plough. This cultivator is precisely manufactured by using the best grade raw material and modern technology. Useful for Cultivating the Land immediately after harvesting. Can cultivate land upto 6 inches & helpful in removal of left over weeds.

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Bunding Machine

  • Description Bunding Machine
  • Main Frame (mm) 75 X 40
  • Operated By Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Working Width Range (Approx. mm) 1930
  • Working Depth Range (Approx. mm) 150 -200
  • Driving wheel Dia, mm 470
  • Over All: Length x Width x Height (mm) 1070 X 2070 X 1000
  • Mounting 3 point linkage (Cat II)
  • Weight Kgs 275
  • Suitable HP Range 35-45

It is Used for forming bunds in well prepared soil to facilitate formation of plots, irrigation and identification. It is drawn with the help of a tractor in fields. It is mostly used for water coservation in dry area. It can store 6 to 8 inches rain water and coservate it. It is used full for cultivation of Groundnut, Bellary onion, Ragi, Maize, Black Grame, Coriander, Vegetables, Banana, Papaya, Sappota, Bitter gourd with this Implement it is possible to lay levelled beds, bunds and irrigation channels etc., quickly and perfectly.

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Ridger With Tyre

It is best suited for medium to light soils. It is used for simple ridge making which makes it useful for planting vegetables & crops and allows water management in the fields. It is a basic implement which makes it very easy to use. It can be easily transported by mounting it directly to the three point linkage of the tractor.   Its robust pipe frame provides adequate weight & strength to the ridger, allowing it to make bunds / ridges properly. The distance between furrows can be adjusted which allows the farmer to vary the height width of the ridge/bund. The ergonomically designed shovels used in this tiller have a unique composition which ensures high durability & efficient working. The working depth of the ridge/bund can be controlled using the tyres provided with the Ridger

  • DESCRIPTION 4 Furrow 5 Furrow
    Mounting CAT Cat II
    Main Frame 100 x 50 channel
    Farrow 5 mm thick
    Type Of Farrow M.S
    Working Width Range (mm Approx.) Adjustable
    Spacing Between Adjustable
    Working Depth Range (mm Approx.) 210 to 250
    Weight (Approx. in Kgs) 350 490
    Suitable HP Range 50-70 70-90
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