Bhavya Sports Industries

Bhavya Sports Industries

Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India

Popular Willow Tennis Bats

Popular Willow Tennis Bats

  • Feature : Light Weight Bats
  • Material : Popular Willow
  • Handle Material : Cane/Fourply
  • Application : Playing Cricket With Soft Ball
  • Brand Name : Novax
  • Colour : Natural Finish/polycoated

Products Images

Product Range:

Code Products Name
  Novax Prince Long Height (25+10), Cane Handle, Extra Thick, >40Mm
  Novax Magic Super Cane Handle With Tetron Cover, Long Handle
  Novax Super Lite Special Willow,Thick Blade, Lite Weight <1.Kg
  Novax Super Lite Special Willow Thin Blade, Lite Weight <850Gm
CB-05 Novax Smash Half Cane Handle, Tetron Cover
CB-06 Novax Tiger K/W Finish,Spring Handle,
CB-07 Novax Champ Poly , Spring Handle,
CB-08 Novax Poly Top Waterproof Coated With Grains
CB-13 Novax Lion K/W Finish
CB-14 Novax Sp-1000 With Scoop,Poly
CB-15 Novax Kings Xi With Extra Long Blade
CB-16 Novax Wega Poly
CB-17 Novax Hitter K/W Finish, Ex-Long Blade, Without Sticker,
CB-18 Novax Magic Chapti Handle With Cloth Cover
CB-19 Novax Practice Waterproof Coated With Grains
CB-20 Novax Super Wonder Tennis Ball Play Bat With Long Handle
  * Available In Thick (Aaa) & Thin (A) Size

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Mr. Ashutosh Goel & Mr. Peeyush Goel

41/21, Kalyan Nagar, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh - 250002, India

Mobile Phone : +91-9897142731, +91-9897233910