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Industrial Blowers, Coolers & Fans

Our offered Product range includes Super 10c-26 ST misting fan, FDW 10C-RE misting fan and Super 10c-TUP misting fan.

Super 10c-26 ST misting fan

  • Feature 26" FAN 650MM and OSCILLATING FAN

Improve your environment, indoors or outdoors with 26” 650 mm relaxing oscillating fan with spin mist technology that can be used in hard water too. The continuous water supply till 8 hours will ensure that the fan provides water spray to clear the atmosphere and make your surrounding air upto 30 square m comfortable. Being perfect for hot days the fan is able to lower the temperature by up to 4 to 8 degrees. There is nothing better than a remote control enabled fan which helps you to control the fan speed and oscillation from your cosy and comfortable office chair or couch. The fan whose weight is 26.5 kgs has wheels for ease in movement allowing you to carry the fan with no strain. The fan which is quiet, effective and easy to use has an adjustable height between 1.7m to 2m. It is made of durable metal and the base is weighted for added stability. The power consumption is minimal being 230 W which helps in saving your electricity bills.

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FDW 10C-RE misting fan

  • Feature 20" FAN 500MM and OSCILLATING FAN

Stay cool and comfortable and save on your energy costs. This 20” 500 mm oscillating fan continuously circulates air throughout a space to provide cooling and ventilation using a relatively low level of energy. The fan requires continued water supply till 12 hours so that with its spin mist technology that can be used in hard water too, the fan can effectively cool the surroundings giving you a soothing experience. The technology mimics the air circulation of a tornado to distribute airflow evenly and gently throughout large spaces covering an area of 45 sq m. Cool your backyard, office desk or patio on a hot summer day with this fan which drops temperature by 4 to 8 degree effectively. The stepless speeds of fan is one of true innovation and design. With weight of 60 kgs and wheels to move the equipment, the fan is safe and easy to operate. The power consumption is 320 W thus making your device energy efficient and environment friendly.

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Super 10c-TUP misting fan

  • Feature 26" FAN 650MM and OSCILLATING FAN

There is nothing better than a nice oscillating fan to keep the room pleasant and cool in hot summers. This 26” 650 MM fan requires a continuous water supply for 8 hours. The water is used for running the spin mist technology which can be used with hard water as well. The portable fan is perfect for hot days and the fan is capable of lowering the temperature by up to 4 to 8 degrees within an area of up to 30 square m. The speed of the fan remains constant and the fan can be operated using a remote control. Since the height can be adjusted between 1.7 to 2 m, the fan can be utilized as per the requirement of the user. The fan consumes 230 W power and weighs about 26.5 Kgs. Irrespective of the weight, the fan is easy to move as it contains wheels

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