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We offer the best product range of Biocarve Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Bitter Gourd Seeds, Red Cabbage Seeds and Bottle Gourd Seeds.

beans seeds

Description Maturity: Medium Early Plant Type: Vigorous and Bushy Pod Colour: Light Green Pod type: Attractive and tender Pod length: 13-16cm String: Absent

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Biocarve Seeds

This catalogue has a complete range of our Flower Seeds, Vegetable Seeds, Herb Seeds & Hybrids. It is a detailed catalogue with complete description with regards to Sowing temperature, Plant height, Plant to plant distance, Sunwater requirement, Days to germinate and Days to flower along with distinctive characteristics of each flower.

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Bitter Gourd Seeds

The plant is grown mainly for the immature fruits although the young leaves and tips are edible. Bitter Gourd seed has hard skin and needs warmmoist soil conditions during germination. It may fail or take a long time to germinate if the soil temperature is too low.

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Bottle Gourd Seeds

Bottle gourd, also known as bottle squash, Doodhi, or Lowki is a delicious vegetable that has many uses. The first fruit attains marketable maturity in about 70 days after sowing. It bears oblong, medium sized, light green, pubescent, 10-12 fruits per vine.

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Brinjal Black Beauty Seeds

We are offering brinjal black beauty seeds. Tall plant with medium spread first picking approximately after 60 days of transplanting fruits are round, dark purple to almost black average weight is 150g

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Broccoli Seeds

Plant Growth: Vigorous Head Colour: Dark Green Head Shape: Smooth dome Beads size: Very small Also known as Brocoli

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Green Capsicum Seeds

Large, standard, blocky fruits, 4½ in. x 4½ in., mostly four lobed. Fruits are crisp, juicy and have an outstanding flavor.

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Red Capsicum Seeds

We are offering red capsicum seeds. Early-maturing, large 5 fruits are deep red and sugary sweet in just 71 days. A flavor-rich pepper that excels in salads, as snacks, and when roasted, baked or sautéed.

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Chilli Seeds

Compact, 2-tall plants variety produce oodles of fruit that ripens green to red, excellent fresh or cooked. Early-ripening hybrid great for containers and in the garden.

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Onion Seeds

This onion variety is used in the cultivation of high quality onions that are brick red in color and are tolerant to tribs and blight.

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chinese cabbage seeds

The plant forms a head with leaves and petioles when matured. This heading vegetable is very tender and delicious.

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Carrot Seeds

Unusual coral-red, 9 long roots. Best cooked to deepen the color and improve the texture and flavor, which is rather strong raw. Medium-small tops

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Pumpkin Seeds

These flat and green seeds are good source of vitamins, omega 3, manganese, zinc and copper.

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Red Cabbage Seeds

we are offering red cabbage seeds. an outstanding slicing cabbage with well-marbled firm, glossy crimson leaves and pure white ribs.

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Sweet Corn Seeds

Maturity: 78-83 days of sowing Plant Vigour: Excellent Plant Height: 5-6 Feet Cob Length: 10-20 cm Kernel Colour: Cream Yellow Sweetness: Very Sweet Special Features: Suitable for both fresh and processing market Strong & Sturdy plant

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Cherry Tomato Seeds

Plant Height: 60cm Maturity: 55 days from sowing Colour: Deep Red Shape: Round small cherry type fruits

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Purple Top Turnip Seeds

we are offering Purple Top Turnip Seeds. The turnips are often 4" and sometimes 6" across, handsomely blushed with pink to purple at the crown.

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African Hawaii Orange Marigold Seeds

We are offering african hawaii orange marigold seeds. This marigold has a maximum height of 50 cm with deep orange flowers can be planted in all seasons for cut flowres or for garland making.

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Ageratum Seeds

This splendid plant produces clusters of blue, pink and white flowers which will give a pronounced pincushion effect. Extremely versatile, it is ideal for bedding displays or as a pot plant. An annual, flowering the same year in sun or shade. Water regularly in dry weather and cut back all spent blooms to prolong flowering.

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