4 Reasons For Another Boom in Online Shopping

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Reasons For Another Boom in Online Shopping

Online shopping is an unprecedented concept. We all have been placing online orders for so many things including gadgets & appliances, apparel, grocery, medicines, and whatnot. This has enhanced the level of comfort. Placing orders at anytime and anywhere, be it a desktop or cell phone- online shopping is the new thing in the market.

The B2B marketplace is also on the upsurge owing to this technological transformation. During the pandemic outbreak in 2020, the online market grew drastically and people imbibed the concept to an extent that it became an inextricable part of life! As of now, online shopping has become everybodys cup of tea in India. Regardless of age factor, people are widely shopping online. Owing to this, numerous merchants have earned a digital presence as well.

A majority of wholesale products have gone online. Whatever is the requirement, the e-commerce shopping apps have listed them at lucrative deals! All in all, the burgeoning online business is definitely the BIG THING with a prosperous future.

The Statistics Say That

In the post-corona era, the trend of more & more e-shopping has been adopted which saw a rise from 14% to 20%- It is something unearthly to witness a 6% rise globally! This happened within 365 days. Considering the trend, in 2023-24, the world will witness a mammoth growth in the e-commerce market of the world.

Not just this, countries like the USA, China, Japan etc., have an exponential vision to crutch and boost the e-commerce economy. Lets do not forget Indias contribution as well in the growing online market. With the positive impact of FDI, many e-commerce stores have entered the Indian markets and expanded their digital demarcation.

Acceptance of Crypto

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Litecoin etc., cryptocurrencies have started gaining worldwide prominence in the e-commerce market. It is something new because previously crypto coins were not being accepted as legal transactions in many countries including India. Due to leverage, things will soon change accordingly in the e-commerce world.

Lower Expenses

Unlike traditional businesses, an online business has lesser expenses due to which the seller saves money. Establishing an online business is like a one-time investment with a guaranteed return on investment. An individual just requires managing inventory and online payments. All in all, youre your boss.

Increasing Mobile Users

Another reason for the growth of e-businesses in the India business directory is the increasing number of mobile phone users. Nearly 98% of the Indian populace uses a cell phone. With businesses turning compact, the profits have increased as consumers can easily reach the brand in no time. Around 91% of online shopping is done via mobile phones as per surveys conducted in 2020.

Improved Marketing & Customer Support

Integration of chatbots and AI to generate tickets for grievance resolution is an instant remedy. With constantly improving customer support, online businesses are on the upsurge. Individuals can find solutions to their queries/grievances in no time. What else do you need at your fingertips? Moreover, sit-back marketing is another key feature that oozes the best results. You need a laptop, nice internet connection, and smart working skills for easy and inexpensive marketing.

Summarizing On a Whole

The concept of online shopping emanated as a revolution that transformed shopping trends. With the demarcation of businesses digitally, e-shopping rose to fame and now, it is a noted concept. Considering the existing performance of online shopping, it is as clear as a crystal that online shopping has a shimmering future ahead. Soon, we might witness another boom that skyrockets online shopping trends.

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