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B2B Industries Influencing Indian Exports.

By: Admin In: B2B Last Updated: 2010-10-11

B2B directories have proved to be a major boon for all the small, medium or big enterprises. It has given them an opportunity to showcase their offerings to a wider global audience. With internet facility being available to people all over the world, the B2B directories have gained a lot of prominence in the market. B2B directories have been quite useful in increasing awareness about the products/services and business in the global market, which has further boosted the growth of Indian Export and Import industry. The various industries enlisted in the B2B directories, which have played a major role in the expansion of the Indian exports business are as follows:

The Chemical Industry :- This is one of the major industries that have been responsible for the expansion of the export sector. Various products like drugs, cosmetics, pesticides and others are exported in different parts of the world.

The Plastic Industry :- The Plastic Industry is another industry which has been showing a continuous increase in export growth rate in the recent times. The list of products exported from the plastic industry includes, Polyester Film, Writing Instruments, Laminates, Plastic Woven Sacks and bags, Moulded/ Soft Luggage items, PVC Leather Cloth and Sheeting. These products are exported to many countries like U.K, U.S.A, Germany, China etc. The business barriers have been broken in this case as well due to the B2B directories.

The Indian Textile Industry :- The Indian Textile industry significantly contributes to the total exports of the country. Being one of the oldest industries in the Indian economy, it has considerably helped in increasing the GDP.

The Agricultural Sector :- The Agricultural Sector contributes the maximum to the growth of Indian Economy. It is one of the largest sectors and has proved to be quite beneficial for the growth of the export sector. The diverse range of products offered by this industry is exported to different parts of the world and growth here has been majorly backed by increased cross-border communication through B2B directories.

The Indian Leather Industry :- This industry too is counted as among the best top eight export industry of India. India exports many products such as leather garments, bags, footwear to various other countries.

All the expansion in the export sector has been largely due to these B2B directories, with B2B being considered the most efficient and effective way to export your products.

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