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B2B Marketplace of Global Trade Leads for Importers and Exporters

By: Admin In: B2B Last Updated: 2011-08-25

Since the very beginning of civilization, trading has been an essential element of our lives. It is described as the intentional exchange of goods or services and sometimes both. It started out as the direct barter of goods and services. Nowadays, traders utilize money as medium for exchange of goods and services. Trading nowadays has become a lot easier because of modern technology. The exporter, importer, manufacturer, wholesaler or supplier needn't be met in person as each and every transaction can be done through the Internet. Buying from the different suppliers can be done by browsing the various products of the different manufacturers. In contrast, one can make a product catalog and post it on the net, if one wants to sell merchandise that is, which is made readily accessible to whosoever is interested in them. There are several online portals that aid in connecting the buyers and sellers across the globe and they offer their services for free. Sellers, exporters, suppliers, wholesalers or manufacturers can promote their products through these online portals. The process is so very easy. Firstly, register the company name and then, a free website is given to you where you can create the product catalog which will be available online. You can also post an advertisement for the product you are selling and can get inquiries through email from international buyers. Upto 30 trade leads or trade leads and 30 products can be posted and advertised by members who had done free registration. Again, more products can be posted if you take up a paid membership and different search engines show a higher ranking of the company. Also, the buyer needs to get himself registered before being able to buy any product. Then, the buyer will now be receiving alerts from other traders who wish to start business with them. These online portals' mission is to advertise and at the same time consolidate various services and resources into one site. In this way, small to medium-sized companies will be able to compete and penetrate international and global trade.

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