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B2B Online Trade Marketplaces: Making E-Commerce Easier and Better

By: Admin In: B2B Last Updated: 2011-03-14

B2B Trade directories have made it much easier for buyers and seller all over the globe to go ahead and engage in business without much worry for location, culture or cost barriers. Portals or websites for trading are designed to be simple and require the companies to sign up for becoming a member. The membership consists of different paid and complimentary services that can be used to gain advantage in doing domestic or global trade.

How It Is Done?

  • Companies engaged in buying or selling, create their profile to give detailed information on their business. Images and relevant keywords are added to attract prospective buyers and give detailed information required by them such as product/service details, trade details, costs etc.
  • Sellers and exporters then create a profile for their company and products, along with photographs, keywords and any other relevant information that prospective buyers might require, such as specifications, shipping location, costs and so on.
  • Firms that may be interested in such offerings then search these listings to find what they require and then contact the companies or send enquiries. The whole process is made easier by proper classification of the goods/services and searching options.
  • Business directories offer excellent connectivity options for importers and exporters to get in touch like Send SMS options, enquiry forms etc.
  • Product/service catalogs containing detailed information are also available in great diversity. Whether the buyers need something specific/rare or need to source raw materials, finished products in bulk, they can easily search here.

The Perks

  • Reduced costs for marketing
  • Increased visibility
  • Efficient channelization to reach relevant buyers/sellers
  • Proper visual evaluation of the offerings
  • Faster and more secure payment facilities
  • Availability of tools for tracking and monitoring sales

With so many options available and alternatives for narrowing down to get quality results, the whole decision making process becomes much more efficient as opposed to other means. No wonder then that so many companies willing to expand their trade are opting for this effective strategy to grow their business and achieve recognition.

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