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B2B Portals: Why Necessity for All Traders

By: Admin In: Business Growth Last Updated: 2011-11-28

B2B means business to business. As the name implies, it is a trade between two or more business. B2B portal is an industry platform for improved ultimate productivity. In present days, B2B portals are not just a fantasy system. It is an unconditional necessity for all companies of any kind or exceptional size. B2B portal, an acronym for business to business portal, means e-commerce transaction between the companies. This helps in linking companies worldwide. It is becoming more and more popular in the name of the house hold international traders very quickly. B2B portal is not only a plan. It has an immediate impact on efficiency and productivity of the company. It stimulates alertness among community about our trade and also helps in creating heavy traffic. The benefits of maintaining a quality B2B portal are massive. B2B portal brings more business online that increases the benefits of our business. Also increases revenue from existing customers. With the help of a B2B portal, presented clients get quick and easy access to product information and their requests are given a quick response. In this way customers are also your best portal support. B2B reduces the cost of dispensation orders radically. Reasons why its a Necessity for All Traders include the following:

  • Develop and establish new business relationships and maintain existing ones.
  • Maximum business enquiry generation: These sites provide a platform to buyers and sellers in order to interact and generate maximum business inquiries through the use of different tools and services offered.
  • Money saver: Some websites are providing a single webpage absolutely free of cost and hence it fulfills the basic requirement to create online presence. Again, there is lot of saving in the business activities. One doesn't need to pay high rents or shop assistances as all work is done online like inventory maintenance, marketing purchasing etc. all under one roof. Also order-processing cost is reduced.
  • Single-click process: Customers can avail all the offers online without any complicated procedure because each and everything is available just with one click.
  • Time saver: The online business is successful because all the advertisements can be displayed for a long period of time and there is no need to ask someone to change the contents, hence saving a lot of time.
  • Cost-effective for consumers: The costs and time of the customers are saved because it always better to surf on the net than searching for products and items directly.

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