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B2B Promotes Green Business

By: Admin In: B2B Last Updated: 2011-01-03

With businesses becoming intensively environment conscious, the concept of engaging in eco-friendly trade has prompted companies across the globe to use Business to Business (B2B) portals to further their cause in Green Trade. Though the technique was looked upon with skepticism, leading B2B portals have demonstrated to the world it is not only cost effective and fast but also makes the eco-friendly medium a platform that transcends international boundaries for trade.

B2B assists in Green Business

  • In the recent times, majority of small and medium enterprises are entirely involved in business through B2B portals. This has reduced the unnecessary movement of people and commodities to numerous held trade fairs, thereby dropping the cost of marketing as well as less consumption of energy and fuel resources.

  • Online B2Bs are eco-friendly mainly owing to the non-involvement of any material or substance related to global warming, which is often used in the business development processes.

  • In this method of conducting trade, the entire process, except the delivery of products and services requires electronic intervention and transaction.

  • Physical presence in all stages of business is almost not required. Moreover in abstract services, even the delivery can be taken care of electronically.

  • Online B2B trade helps in garnering huge profits without the necessity of releasing any dangerous green house gases. Even cutting of trees which is extensively required in paper-based business processes, can be avoided.

B2B portals are on a drive to bring awareness among traders to help these portals grow and thereby supporting the cause of eco-friendly and sustainable business. In addition, these portals also hope to promote the Green Business concept to the common people in a collective enterprise to spread the 'Save The Planet' slogan. Many portals even offer special promotional campaigns for the businesses selling eco-friendly products like rechargeable fans, solar panels, etc. Besides the environmental issues, these portals are attractive options for traders for being cost effective in marketing functions, user-friendly interactions and last but not the least help in the prompt delivery of goods and services.

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