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Basics Of Writing A Farming Or Agricultural Business Proposal

By: Admin In: Business Growth Last Updated: 2013-03-25

Basics Of Writing A Farming Or Agricultural Business ProposalFor those who don't know what a Business Proposal means - it is an official document that is sent by one company to another, with whom it is interested in sharing a business arrangement. Usually business proposals are of two types - invited & uninvited. Whatever be the case the Business Proposal has to be well written, in order for it is to be taken seriously. A Business Proposal is not just about suggesting a business arrangement, for it be accepted, one has to ensure that the proposal not just sells a concept, but also markets one's respective company in the best light. The business proposal should be powerful enough to convince the other party of your credibility, & subsequently persuade them to accept your bid.

How To Write A Agricultural Business Proposal
This write up focuses on those wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, etc., who are a part of the agricultural sector, & deal in agricultural equipment/supplies/machinery &other such items related to farming.

  • 1st Step - Write A Good Cover Letter The Cover Letter is an essential part of the business proposal. It introduces the company which is sending the proposal & what kind of business arrangement it has in mind. It should clearly outline the motive behind the proposal. E.g. you are a small time organic farmer & are interested in offering your fresh farm supplies to a nearby restaurant. Then make sure that the proposal clearly states this fact.

  • 2nd Step - Highlight The Other Party's Need Taking the previous example forward, as an organic farmer you have conducted a research & have found out that the restaurants in your district do not have access to fresh farm supplies. In this section of the Agricultural Business Proposal, you will highlight the restaurants' needs & how this need is hindering their progress.

  • 3rd step - Highlight How The Gap Can Be Filled By You The next step in the Business Proposal involves proposing to the other party how you can cater to their requirements efficiently. In the above example, as a farmer you have found out that the restaurant nearby requires fresh farm produce & you are in a position to fulfill this need effectively. Highlight your USP i.e. why you are a better alternative to choose than your competitors. This section would carry detailed information about your product, your business policies, supply chain, etc.

Follow these tips to ensure that you prepare an effective business proposal.

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