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Benefits Of B2B Portals

By: Admin In: B2B Last Updated: 2013-09-25

B2B Portals, or Business to Business Portals are that are compilation of web pages where big scale buyers and suppliers can come together in order to start business. Here, suppliers can show what products they are offering, features of products, their cost and minimum order quantity. Interested large scale traders, present globally, can contact them. Thus, B2B Portals bring buyers and sellers together under one roof. These distinctive websites facilitate conducting business electronically and managing of corporate business processes

Benefits Of B2B Portals
B2B Portals have become vital for all entities of different types and sizes. There are various benefits of having B2B Portals. If a high quality B2B Portal of a company is implemented, then it may have very positive effects on the company's profits and image in market. Some of the advantages of B2B Portals are as follows:

  • Revenue Maximization
    Revenue increases from increased sales. With B2B Portals, interested clients can know about the products easily. Also, they get quick response to their requests and good customer support. They are able to make purchase online as well. Revenue also increases from value added services. When the sales are done through B2B Portals, all other resources can be directed towards creation of more value added services for satisfaction of clients.

  • Reduced Cost Of Processing Orders
    B2B Portals helps in saving costs. The processing cost of orders is reduced drastically when the B2B Portals are integrated with supply chain management solution. A lot of company's money is saved by this.

  • Inventory Keeping Costs Decline
    B2B Portals help the companies in reducing the stock keeping cost because of clear visibility and forecasting ability.

  • Low Customer Acquisition Cost
    Portal branding on internet helps in attracting clients from new sources. They are acquired through B2B Portals easily and without spending a fortune. Traditional methods for attracting customers are not that effective and they cost a lot also.

  • Latest Product Information
    Before buying any product, it is important that you have the current information about it. Buying decision is affected by the updated product description. With B2B Portals, the content about product can be customized at anytime. All these benefits help in growth of businesses. Both, buyers and suppliers can avail benefits from them.

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