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Brand Protection for Your Online Business

By: Admin In: B2B Last Updated: 2010-03-30

Ecommerce or in simple words online trade is gaining more importance day by day. Increasing access of the Internet has added a boost in the online business. Today, having an ecommerce business is considered as a sure shot way for success and profit, which is true, but do you think that after establishing your online business you should relax and just have to entertain clients. NO, besides advancement of the world, corruption and fraud are also spreading their roots. So your online business needs proper brand protection.

What is Online Brand Protection? It is a kind of protection for your online business. It empowers the owner of the brand to protect its brand from third party infringement.

Why Online Brand Protection? Your brand symbolizes your commercial identity. Brand is the most valuable assets for entrepreneurs. It needs to be treasured as a jewel because once your brand reputation is hampered, your business loses credibility. Protection of your brand is as important as safekeeping of your business documents and transactions. It is an issue to be handled with full attention and privacy.

What are the threats for an online Brand? There are various types of threats for an online brand but the majorly counted threats are Copyright issues, trademark issues, etc.

What are the things that are included in the brand protection? Registering a domain name Buying a trademark Registering copyrights Patenting

Using these modes, you can protect the online business from others who are trying to use your company's name or content unlawfully.

How to get a brand protection? Having a trademark and domain name registered makes your content and layout of the site as copyright. In all it becomes your intellectual property and act as a brand protection.

  • There are numerous free online trademarks that you can find using Google search. Get hold of one of them.
  • Safeguard your domain name in almost all domains like net, com, info, org, tel, biz, etc.
  • Secure the domain name in the countries that we trade in

Why Online trademark? People who shop and bank online needs a brand to locate your business. If a competitor sweeps your trademark away then he will enjoy the benefits on your behalf. So, it becomes essential to have an online trademark.

How will a business that doesn't have insufficient resources acquire brand protection?

  • Chose a distinct and uncommon name, probably words that doesn't have any meaning
  • You can seek help of search engines and social networking sites
  • First get a domain name and then a trademark

Important note:

  • Trademarks belong to a particular territory or country so it is protected only in that part of the world.
  • Domain names are global

We hope that with the help of our post, you would have attained a fair idea of what brand protection is and it is imperative for every online business to protect its brand.

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