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Business Trends

  • Why You Need Video Marketing For Your B2B Business?
    By: Admin | In: Business Trends |Last Updated: 2018-08-28

    An eye-opening report in HubSpot pointed out that adding even a single video on the landing page can boost the conversion rate by 80%. Not just B2C customers, video marketing has the power to engage and convert even the B2B buyers. Today, more than 74% of the B2B buyers are watching vide...

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  • 6 Hottest Products to Sell This Summer
    By: Admin | In: Business Trends |Last Updated: 2018-06-29

    The summer 2018 is here and the markets are getting re-shelved to cater the seasonal demands of the customers. Summer brings a new sea of products in the market that helps the people fulfill their summer goals, be it about their summer fit body, travels & vacations or summer styling. And tha...

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  • Food Processing Industry in India - Rising And Ripening
    By: Admin | In: Business Trends |Last Updated: 2016-02-29

    Without any doubt, we can call India synonymous to Food. ‘Sarso ka Saag from Punjab’, ‘Dilli’s famous Chatpati Chat’, ‘Sweet Sandesh from Bengal’ or ‘Vada Pao from Mumbai stalls’; each alcove of this country has concocted the unique flavors in their cuisines, and each household’s kitchen...

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  • B2B Sales Resolutions For 2016
    By: Admin | In: Business Trends |Last Updated: 2016-01-04

      The fresh year is just around the corner and it is the time to look back and see how well the organizations have fared in the last year and what are their resolutions for the coming year. If you notice the new and digitally-adept world of B2B sales and marketing, it was exceedingly ruled b...

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  • The Cities that are Car-free are Carefree
    By: Admin | In: Business Trends |Last Updated: 2015-10-09

    Every time I catch sight of an adult riding a bicycle I feel my despair for the future of mankind waning; the feeling continues to grow, till it collides with the befouling air emitted by thousands of automobiles scattered on the streets, honking their way out of traffic jams. We can't clear...

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  • Advantages Of Internet B2B Marketing
    By: Admin | In: Business Trends |Last Updated: 2014-10-29

    Business to business marketing or B2B Marketing is internet based marketing concept that includes different elements of marketing like content creation for the company website, social media networking and postings online to enhance sales. Many business companies realizing the need; are incorp...

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  • Benefits Of ERP For Businesses
    By: Admin | In: Business Trends |Last Updated: 2014-01-24

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an advanced system facilitating information sharing in varied departments of an organization. This off-the-shelf software enables an enterprise to operate more effectively and efficiently by integrating processes and data within the departments su...

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  • Blog About Your Small Business To Receive Attention
    By: Admin | In: Business Trends |Last Updated: 2012-01-19

    It is understandable that small business houses have a limited amount of budget for marketing the business. Most of the revenue they generate in their business has to be reinvested in the business and that too mostly in production, logistics, or in providing service. Thus, not much money is ...

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  • Tips to Establish a Profitable Business Online
    By: Admin | In: Business Trends |Last Updated: 2011-11-24

    With the world becoming technology savvy, computer has become the most dominant of the latest technologies. With the emergence of the Internet, the face of the world has changed altogether. World shrank and everything can now be availed on a desktop. Trade is efficiently being conducted onli...

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