• Classification of Export Goods In India
    By: Ankit Gupta | In: Exports |Last Updated: 2017-07-28

    ITC-HS, better known as Indian Trade Clarification based on Harmonized System, is an international nomenclature of goods that was developed in 1988 by the World Customs Organization. India is one of the 190 countries that have adopted this nomenclature to classify its goods for internati...

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  • Equip Yourself With Export Import Information
    By: Ankit Gupta | In: Exports |Last Updated: 2012-03-12

    Today's world is called as the Information Age. To achieve success and progress in any field, you have to be equipped with the right kind of information. This is true especially in the world of Business. Business has taken on a global identity. The import and export sector offers lucrative a...

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  • Direct Exporting: Advantages and Disadvantages
    By: Ankit Gupta | In: Exports |Last Updated: 2011-11-21

    For those budding entrepreneurs in world of export, the term "Direct exporting" may seem quite obvious. But one may still wonder whether it is a good option. Well, here is a detailed description that offers you the pros and cons of direct exporting to help you make up your mind. Direct expor...

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  • Small Businesses Grow by Exporting to India
    By: Ankit Gupta | In: Exports |Last Updated: 2011-07-18

    India proves to be a great market for exporting goods. Being a developing economy, India offers great opening for exported goods. Flexible market rules and import-export policies have made India a preferred market for exporting goods by small businesses across the world. Though rapidly progr...

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