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CNC Machines - Instrumental In The Manufacturing Industry As Well As Jewelry

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It is the age of the machines because machines have made the lives of humans a lot easier. Machines took the forefront and the place of the laborers in the process of production with the Industrial revolution. After that there was no looking back in the technological development of the machines. One after another features kept on adding on to the machines, which gradually led to the invention of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines, where computers play a vital role. CNC means automation of machine tools that are operated by programmed commands which are encoded on a storage medium.

Advantages of CNC Machines
CNC Machines operate with the help of computer commands that has decreased the dependency of machines on human hands to a great extent. The development of CNC has been a significant progress in the field of technology.

  • Nowadays CNC machines are widely used in the manufacturing industry. Machines were previously operated by trained professionals, but now they have been replaced by computer control machines.
  • These Computer Numerical Control Machines can be used 24 hours a day. They can be programmed with designs which can then manufacture hundreds or even thousands of units with each manufactured product being exactly the same.
  • The most important aspect of these machines is their accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility.
  • These machines are also preferred because of their safety aspect and most of all they have brought down the production time significantly.
  • These machines help in eliminating the chances of human error which improves the accuracy by a lot.

Uses of CNC Machines in Jewellery
Jewellery or ornaments has been used by humans for ages to adorn themselves. It has played an integral part the beautification of the fairer sex. A woman without jewellery is incomplete. Women have worn them as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets for centuries. There have been many changes in the process of Jewellery making since its inception. Precious metals like gold and diamonds are now used for making pendants, rings and necklaces. CNC machines are also used in making Jewellery.

  • Modern CNC machines are used for creating jewellery moulds that also helps to produce quality jewellery due to its high accuracy and repeatability.
  • Many CNC tools have been developed that can be used for cutting diamonds and changing a diamond from a rough stone to a fine cut gem.

CNC machines have brought down the amount of time and labor required in the manufacturing process to a minimum. These modern inventions are a miracle and a result of man's constant quest for knowledge and development.

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