Food Safety and Healthy Essential availability during Pandemic

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COVID-19 pandemic bringing human life to a standstill, countries are now under lockdown to save humanity. For a healthy response to fight against Coronavirus, a healthy diet filled with minerals, nutrients is vital. With loved ones, family members staying together, spending time, and praying that the pandemic gets over, a healthy lifestyle is what would help you and your near and dear ones.

A robust and diverse food supply with vegetable suppliers and healthy essential manufacturers, traders, and exporters, everyone is playing their part in helping the world fight against this virus. The first thought that comes to your mind would be whether it is safe to buy food from supermarkets and your local grocery store. And, what are the safety precautions that would bring you peace of mind?

With WHO and partners, there have been many food and health safety guidelines that have been established for the government, food suppliers, medicines exporters, health workers, and also the general public. Everyone has to be aware of their surroundings and ensure they maintain the protocols so that not just themselves, they could keep everyone safe too. Maintain good health and ensure that the prevention of malnutrition is possible during such tough times.

COVID-19 Is Not A Foodborne Disease

According to WHO, CDC, food safety authorities, and all other public health organizations, there is no evidence that Coronavirus could transmit through food or even food packaging. But for every step, maintain protocols and policies for utmost safety is essential.

But with recent studies and researches, it could be concluded that Coronavirus could stay on surfaces where there is a favorable temperature, humidity, light. Thus, being aware of your surroundings is the only way to ensure that you stay safe and not come in contact with the virus.

Also, the most common way of getting affected by Coronavirus would be touching a surface that has come in contact with a human carrier or someone who is affected by the virus. And, then a healthy person touches it and comes in contact with the virus too when they touch their nose, mouth, ear. This is why PPE kit manufacturing companies are providing safety gear to health professionals and other frontline warriors who have the highest probability of coming in contact with the virus.

Therefore, theory wise you could get affected with Coronavirus if you touch contaminated food or contaminated surfaces and then touch your nose, eyes, ear, and mouth. This is why ensuring that food is made maintaining safety guidelines are important for safe consumption. Sanitizers trading companies are now providing alcohol-based sanitizer for cleaning hands when outside and you do not have access to water and soap.

Coronavirus is considered to be stable in low temperatures mainly -20 degrees Celsius. Thus, frozen food products could be a ground for them to survive. Food and grocery dealers and fruits vendors are being less affected by this Coronavirus pandemic than all other sectors. But how is food safety compromised if awareness and precautions are not maintained?

>>To meet the demand chain and supply, increase in food production, and processing line speed to meet the food demand during the tough times and not using safety gear. This makes it harder to maintain food safety guidelines and could be hazardous.

a. Quarantines, lockdowns, transport problems, and disruptions could cause harm to the short life span food produces like milk, fishes, eggs, and vegetables. Thus, food may not reach the desired place which might cause a shortage of food there. Necessary steps should be taken to ensure everyone gets a nutritious meal.

b. Absence of inspection.

c. Food workers who are infected but are still working the manufacturing or the supplying chain in close contact with others. This is why buying from reputable masks supplier companies is important to maintain the health and safety of the workers.

d. If not properly monitored and precautions not taken, takeout/food delivery and grocery delivery could prove to be dangerous and pose risks and challenges.

Some Major FAQs in the mind of The Public

Q. Is the Food Supply Chain Safe?

A. Currently, no evidence has been found that food could cause the spread of Coronavirus. From packaged vegetable suppliers to fruits, it is important to understand that unlike other viruses Coronavirus is a virus that causes respiratory problems and illness. The virus is thought to spread from human contact. This would include coughing when close to someone without closing or guarding the face, not maintaining 6 feet distance.

But you must follow all the four steps when it comes to safety and hygiene of food. Clean, separate, cook, and then chill, this would help in avoiding foodborne illnesses. Also, wash your hands frequently and prepare food safely.

Q. Are There Any Food Supply Shortage?

A. Many locals and consumers are facing problems where they are going to the local shops and supermarkets only to find the daily essentials that are out of stock. The shelves are empty of certain items. There is no shortage of food nationwide and from human consumption to food for your pet, everything is available.

Food supplying companies are doing their best in reaching far and wide to supply essential and daily items to everyone. And, one reason why it could be out of stock is customers are buying more than usual. But, one thing to know would be that there is no need to buy months and months worth of groceries as food would be available. You could buy food worth one or two weeks at a time so that you could avoid crowded places as much as possible

Q. What You Could Do To Keep Your Family Safe During Covid-19?

A. When shopping, maintain distance with one another, at least 6 feet distance. Listen to guidelines from gloves manufacturing units for your safety and buy one or two weeks worth of food for your whole family. And, if you have senior citizens as your neighbors, you could always ask if they need something from the store. Seniors and kids are much more prone to the disease because of less immunity.

Cleanse your hands as habitually as you can. That would include before and after preparing your meal, before eating. It would be a must when you come back home.

Online, you would come across wrong and false information. Only listen or read information based on certified sites like CDC, WHO, and government sites. Go for credible and accurate sources.

Tips to Maintain Health And Eat Nutritious Meal

Spreading awareness about food safety is important. PPE kits exporters play an essential role in frontline workers. Keeping up with your health and boosting your immunity is vital for you too. The right grocery and dairy suppliers would always keep in mind the safety of their customers. Unhygienic food has always been a threat to the health of people. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe and healthy during the pandemic.

(1) Between diet and chronic disease understanding the nutrition label is vital. When consuming packed food, make sure to check the labeling. Many packed food would provide you with customer authentication guides. It could be the QR code that you could scan for the authentication process. If you observe that the seals have tampered, do not buy it and report to the employee on duty.

(2) Vegetables and fruits with blemishes or even discoloration are not safe to eat. While purchasing fruits and vegetables from suppliers, if you notice punctured skin, then discard as soon as possible.

(3) Preferably bring your bags when buying from grocery suppliers or going to the local grocery store. Follow masks dealer guidelines at all times whenever you venture out.

(4) When buying from any store, do not forget to get your receipt.

(5) Wash all the vegetables and fruits after coming from the shop and again before cooking. Before opening canned food, clean the lids with a cloth soaked in warm water. After shopping, washing the grocery bags during such tough times is essential.

(6) Cooking food thoroughly, the heat would kill any sort of microorganism if present. Keep the food in a hygienic refrigerator at a safe temperature. While outside buying groceries, keep your hands germ-free by using sanitizer frequently.

Thus, together everyone could fight the virus. Educate your children on how to keep them safe with the use of masks and gloves. These have become an integral part of everyday life. Always ask your doctor before consuming or buying from any medicine supplying company or if any symptoms show and persist, contact the hospital and your doctor immediately. Keeping yourself safe would be the only way to keep your loved ones safe.

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