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Growth of Indian Exporters in Global Markets: Causes.

By: Admin In: B2B Last Updated: 2010-09-02

The export and import industry in India is booming. The growth of Indian exporters is incomparable. Due to the increase in the use of Internet to market products and services, these Indian exporters are making their presence felt globally. The internet has a wide and international reach and is very effective in marketing products globally. India has been in the export and import business since time immemorial and its reputation is growing by the day.

Have you ever wondered what exactly is the reason behind such a drastic growth in the export industry in India? Let us analyze the causes.

Government Approach Till the 1990s, India had a closed economy with very less opportunities for export. The export took place nationally only and did not traverse the geographical boundaries. The new government, which was formed in 1991 formed a new liberal export-import policy which allowed the Indian exporters to export their products globally. The Indian exporters who were so eager to display their products in the international market took this opportunity as a blessing. They charged headlong into the export business and created a niche for themselves in the global market. The Indian Government is bringing new policies so as to create more opportunities for the Indian exporters and bring foreign revenue into the country.

Growth Of Small And Medium Sized Enterprises The growth of the small and medium sized industries has largely contributed to the growth of the Indian exporters. The growth of these two sectors has created an opportunity for these Indian exporters to go global.

Online Trading Online trading has immensely helped these Indian exporters to display their products on an international platform. With the growth of B2B marketplace in India, the small and medium sized enterprises are able to operate globally. B2B transactions have many benefits like reduced marketing time, instant payment and easy transaction methods.

Association of Indian Exporters Many Indian exporters have created their own associations. These associations help other exporters to make profits by lending them effective methods and techniques of trading.

If the Indian Government implements new policies of export then the Indian export business is expected to flourish further. These policies will help the Indian exporters create their own special place in the global market.

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