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How To Bounce Back From a Negative Customer Review and Complaints

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The saying 'nothing is perfect' holds true not only for persons but for businesses as well. A small slip-up from an employee, a one-time delay from the vendor or a minor technical issue can decipher into poor customer experience; thereby inviting negative reviews. Such criticisms damage the company's reputation and are capable of haunting them forever. While you cannot keep a tab on what customers say, you can surely do some damage control. We bring you a few ways to bounce back from Negative Customer Reviews.

  • Face it instead of hiding: There are many companies that try to avoid criticisms and just hope that time will bury the negative reviews and their impact. However, this approach will do more damage than what has already been done. Address the concerns genuinely and do whatever is possible to correct it and make the reviewer feel valued.

  • Put aside the excuses and focus on solutions: Instead of getting into a war of words with the complaining party or giving excuses to prove that you are right, it is better to take responsibility and assure the customer of improved services next time. Offering compensation in some form can also help.

  • Deploy consumers' help: Most Negative Customer Reviews are genuine and your angry customers just want to be treated with dignity and get value for their money. To address their issues you can hire professionals in your own company or outsource the work. Also, you can involve the customers by taking their suggestions on how to improve.

  • Clear your conscience: Once you have done whatever you could to make up for the bad experience, do not keep pondering over it as that will reflect poorly on how you deal with other customers. Keep your head held high and continue doing your work with a clear conscience.

There will always be times when some customers would be unhappy and be vocal about it but that does not mean the end for you. Just follow the above-mentioned tips, try to fix the problems at your end and you will continue to make contented customers.

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