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How to Buy The Perfect Raincoat?

By: Admin In: Others Last Updated: 2016-05-26

How To Buy The Perfect Raincoat

You have done a lot to protect your house from the rains this monsoon, now it is the time to protect yourself from the rainwater and step out of your house to enjoy the rain carefree. While there are a plethora of umbrellas available in the market to keep you dry in the pouring rain, in my opinion a raincoat would always be a better raingear as umbrellas do provide full protection against rainwater.

That said, if you are planning to buy a raincoat in coming few days, these are the things that would help you to find a quality raincoat that would be comfortable too.

Check For The Fabric Used
The color and the type of the fabric used in the raincoat play a vital role. It is usually recommended to pick bright colors like red, yellow, blue, etc. so that you could stand visible in the night time. Apart from the color, the type of fabric used in the raincoat decides the durability of the raingear. While choosing a raincoat go for fabrics like Gore-Tex, Tyvek, and coated nylons.

Check the Durability
Before buying a raincoat check for its durability. A raingear has to take on the rough climatic conditions and that requires robustness of the fabric. Many raincoats promise to be durable but don’t usually stay usable for a very long time. Therefore, keep a check on the durability of the raincoat before buying it for yourself.

Check the Size
Make sure that the raincoat is not very tight. A tight raincoat is not just uncomfortable, but also restricts the proper circulation of blood in the body. Buying a tight raincoat could unknowingly give you a lot of health issues.

Check The Cost
If you are planning to buy a rain coat, the prices that the marketers quote might surprise you. There is a myriad of rain jackets available at different prices. While buying a raincoat plan to spend less than $100 on its purchase. If you are looking for a cheaper option, there are stores that offer second-hand raincoats to the customers. One may also ask his friend or relative for a raincoat, or look for the same on one of the online store. You will get a cost-effective deals online.

Check The Weight
A raincoat should be portable enough so that you could carry it along with you on a bike. Where a robust mountaineering jacket could be too hard to pack, an ultra-light raincoat might not prove to be very durable. Therefore, don’t take any decision in haste and look for an option that’s easy to carry and weigh light.

Raincoat might not be a thing about which you would like to think a lot before buying, but the aforementioned tips could really help you to get a quality raingear that would keep you protected from the harsh rain for years. So next time when you go to buy a rain gear for yourself or your family, keep the above given points in the head and I am sure you would get the best for you.

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