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How to Increase B2B Conversions?

By: Admin In: Business Last Updated: 2010-02-20

With the increasing popularity of the web scenario, B2B market is growing at a considerable rate. People in large numbers visit B2B portals for finding solution to their requirements. These portals serve as effective platforms of business promotion as they are flocked by innumerable potential customers.

How are B2B portals effective?

As Internet has wide access and trade is proficiently conducted through it, B2B portal are seen as highly lucrative platforms. Traditional ways of promotion only target a small number of customers whereas these portals reach to a larger group and that too of potential customers. To turn the potential customers into a sale is not that easy a task. You must be wondering what you what you can do to convince them and how?

The most important thing is to gain trust of the clients. We provide you with some tips that you can add on your site which, will in turn ease your potential clients from their curiosities about your products and services. This will let you will notice an increase in the conversions.

Testimonials :- "Self recommendation is no consideration." This is an age old adage that stands true in context of businesses. The content listing your achievements and praises hold less weightage than testimonials. People speaking about your services will add to your credibility. Make sure that the name and the designation of the person is highlighted.

Place as many Images as you can :- Images are the most integral part of any website, people rely most on them. So, it should be ensured that your website has a large number of images like of your Products, Of the production and packaging unit and Of the employees (if possible). This will add to the credibility of your business to a large extent.

FAQs must be added on your website :- Having a page only for FAQs, where the visitors can ask their queries can help your business gain utmost trust and popularity. Substantiate your FAQ page with well-writ answers.

Proper Contact Information :- It is very important to add your contact details on your website as it increases the trust of the clients. Your details shall involve Phone numbers, Office address and Email ID

Privacy Policy : - Every customer wants to assure that the information provided by them is kept safe and confidential. Having a privacy policy on your site shall help your customers gain confidence in your services. Your website is your key to success so ensure it is well-designed so as to be promoted in a proper manner. Thus using our tips you can increase your B2B conversions and hence maximize your profit.

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