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How To Kick-Start Your Lead Management Program

By: Admin In: Business Last Updated: 2012-08-20

Lead management has changed over the years and now your business cannot afford to cold-call or send mails to prospects with a hit and trial method to bring in the leads. Now you have to choose the right channel and manage leads in an optimum manner to touch the levels of success that you desire. This can be done with a proper plan and by developing a concrete lead management program that can be kick-started in the following ways:

Create Specific Goals & Organize
You can go for goals like shortening of sales cycles, unceasing Facebook fans/blog subscribers, improving social sharing to name a few. You should also have answers to the number of sales leads, their position in the sales funnel, number of new leads/month, conversions, status of cold leads, comparative revenue figures etc. On the basis of the answers, determine the tools that you have. For e.g. find out what type of content you have to attract the visitors like ebook, blog posts, whitepaper and so on.

Find What The Customer Wants
Learn, learn and then learn some more about the visitors of your website, people on your business network and target audience on search engines. Find out about the best channel to reach them, their buying triggers, their searching styles and more.

Develop A Solid Lead Management System
This should be done to guide the leads properly through sales funnel and find out the eligibility of the leads to be nurtured. When it comes to content, you should develop content that engages the leads and influences them to buy. Strategize when and where this content is published. When the program is in place then you need to test it regularly to find out what works the best. You can use analytical tools to study the same but make sure that you take the right metrics into account as per your goals. You can find out the % age of follow-up of leads, the average conversion time and focus on the cost per lead. With these things in place, you can surely hike your way to reach higher and turn around the sales figures to numbers that you always had in mind!

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  • The points you have mentioned, few are common sense but the article you have compiled is very well organized and its compilation explains the kick start factors.

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