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How To Promote Your Business Through B2B Portals Effectively

By: Admin In: B2B Last Updated: 2016-02-15

Promote Your Business Through B2B Portals Effectively

Do you know that 90% of the business buyers rely on the internet for fulfilling their business requirements and the direct contact with suppliers is made only until 57 percent of the purchase process is complete? That is why, even if your business is rolling in splendid revenue every year and has a loyal clientele, the chances are it could have fared better on registering on the B2B portal. Let’s cut to the point and know how your business can be blessed through the B2B portals:

#1 Blessing Of Visibility On Google:
When asked, which is the first place you seek for gathering information? The majority reply is ‘Google’. And, the B2B buyers that conduct a more targeted product search goes on the specific portals and marketplaces for the data on required wares and services rather than carrying on the generic searches. This is why, by registering on the top-notch/ dedicated B2B platforms like Alibaba, ExportersIndia, Indianyellowpages,and others, the business can without fail achieve the strong search engine position in B2B terms.

#2 Blessing Of The Favorable Search Engine Rankings:
The presence on B2B portals enables the business to enjoy the benefits of high page ranking, which it may remain bereft of in its own website. Such advantages include the strong search engine optimization for the keywords of product categories and the identification of the business by the B2B buyers that ultimately leads to the great reputation and the higher number of clicks. If the business happens to be the one-of-the-few offering a particular product then there are higher prospects of selection.

#3 Blessing Of The Low-Cost And High-Quality Lead Generation:
In the list of objectives for the B2B companies, 41% of B2B respondents recognized the lead generation as the top goal for their organization.

By establishing the business on the B2B portal, the marketers can be found and clicked by the infinite potential customers, way before the investment decision process. If the products and services of the business are correctly presented on these B2B portals, the chance to generate qualitative leads by higher conversion rates automatically heightens. This process is very cost effective as you can set up your account on these portals for free. Besides, on the payment of insignificant premium, the marketers can include product catalogs, videos and multilingual entries in their company profiles to better convince the potential customers thereby generating the valid leads.

#4 Blessing Of Easy Targeting:
If your business is focused on a particular market segment or geographical location, the B2B portals allow it to efficiently maintain this targeted focus at the minimal scattering losses. Moreover, there are numerous portals and online directories in the world that caters to different segments of an industry. It is advisable to align the business strategy with the correct business portals that have sufficient coverage.

#5 Blessing Of Global Presentation:
The foundation of business on the B2B portals, e-marketplaces, and business directories leverage the possibility of presenting its wares and services on the internet and tracking the sales in the global markets. Also, it enables the SMEs aka small and medium-sized enterprises to enter into the unexplored international markets, reach the new customers, and generate better sales.

So, by listing the business on the safe & professional B2B portals, you can route the maximum growth and expansion of your business without sparing much of your time, efforts or money. Moreover, these portals bequeath you with a chance of studying the strategies of your competitors in order to introduce further innovations in your products and approaches in the future!

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