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How to Take the Human Approach to Influence B2B Sales Success

By: Admin In: Business Last Updated: 2018-03-27

Human Approach for B2B Selling

Educating, reasoning, personalizing, and tapping on the advocates and influencers of industry are considered the key drivers of B2B sales success. But beyond the bounds of these rational and logical drivers, behind the curtains, it is the human approach that is significantly influencing B2B sales success. Approaching the B2B buyers through a less robotic and more human approaches is the secret (lesser known) key to unlock the success in B2B ecosystem. In addition to helping the sellers connect with the buyers and build stronger, long-lasting relationships, human approach also enables them to retain loyal customers, thus, close more deals over time. Here, we have talked about some of the ways in which businesses can take the human approach to their selling process and positively influence their B2B sales success.

Improve Connections Through Effective CRM
Connecting with the B2B buyers is at the base of every B2B marketing strategy but improving these connections through a human approach is required to close more leads. Effective Customer Relationship Management aka CRM is the key to improving connections with the B2B buyers. Instead of cramming and reciting an elevator pitch, the CRM team should be trained how to form connections with the clients. Leave the elevator sales pitch for the bots running on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and add a human touch to your customer relationship management by personalizing the conversation.
Start a dialogue with them, understand their queries, and help them solve the problems through nurturing human connections with the B2B buyers and decision makers. Work on the CRM of the system and work on building relations with the B2B buyers to get more success in B2B selling.

Eliminate The Ambiguity Effect
The ambiguity effect restrains the B2B buyers from making a sales decision whose outcome they are not very sure of. By eliminating this ambiguity effect, B2B sellers can have a higher chance of conversion and lead generation. Having a CRM team efficiently giving out substantial information regarding the product/service and what type of results the B2B buyers may expect from it can push the buyers further down the sales funnel.
B2B buyers and decision makers are always going to research the product or service before investing their money in it. Add a human touch to your marketing efforts and comprehend their desire to know what they’ll get. Offer them everything they want, solve their queries, and tell them what to expect from your products or services to get more success in B2B selling.

Know That It Is Not Totally A Rational Decision
B2B selling is largely a logic-driven and rational process. The B2B buyers perform extensive research and test all the logic before making any purchase decision. However, it is not totally a rational decision. As per the reports titled ‘Only Human: The Emotional Logic of Business Decisions’, 65% of the businesses find it difficult to base their business decisions on factors like cost, quality, and efficiency. It further stated that 62% of the buyers relied on their gut feeling and searched for soft, emotional factors in addition to the hard factors like data, research, analysis, reports etc.
Knowing that B2B selling is not solely a rational or logical decision is important for the B2B sellers. The sellers have to understand that emotional triggers hold as much importance in a B2B buyer’s buying decision as rational and logical thinking do. They have to take the human approach to connect with the buyers and trigger their emotions for positive leads.

Validate The Price With Logic
Price has a strong influence on the B2B sales success. But B2B buyers cannot always be lured with low price. There are certain ways to approach the buyers for higher sales and validating the price with some logic is one of the best ways. Understanding the psychology of the B2B buyer before setting up a certain price is important to eliminate any chances of making them distrustful, cautious, and risk-averse.
Taking the human approach to handling B2B pricing can be effective in getting success in B2B selling. Instead of just trying to attract the buyers through lowered price, send out a personalized message to the B2B buyers explaining how effective your products or service can be at such a lower rate.

These are some of the key ways in which human approach or the buyer psychology can be used to influence the B2B selling success. Whether it is by forming connections, eliminating the ambiguity effect, triggering an emotional response, or validating the price with some logic, the conversion of a B2B buyer becomes easier when B2B sellers and marketers take the human approach.

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