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Leveraging E-commerce Platform to Increase Imports

By: Admin In: E-commerce Last Updated: 2011-04-21

Business practices have evolved over the years and internet has been a catalyst in this evolution. Internet has allowed the business enterprises to do away with redundant trade practices, which earlier delayed the business activities. E- Commerce has been highly instrumental in providing the enterprises with a suitable platform to come together and conduct business on a global platform. E- Commerce has provided an effective medium for international trade to thrive and prosper. Few points that the prospective enterprises need to focus upon for making the best of this medium are mentioned below:

  • Apart from import and export, international trade directories' catalogs of goods in demand for global sourcing are extremely helpful.
  • Certain products are restricted from global sourcing for various reasons hence it is advisable to avoid them.
  • Avail international trade directories from consulates or internet, which offer exhaustive information.
  • Start-ups can begin with global sourcing or import and export with uncategorized items and then expand their horizon.

Internet, being an effective leveling concept can be leveraged to maximize global sourcing or import/export business with apt planning. Few salient points regarding Leveraging E-Commerce for Import and Export are as follows:

  • Internet facilitates multiple payment handling features, which suit the requirements of a global sourcing company.
  • In addition, SSL certificates and authentication of the company through reliable sources helps you in the long run.
  • There are free or fee based memberships on international trade portals, which are dedicated to e-commerce.
  • It is advisable to submit the e-commerce site to major search engines, reputed industry directories and periodically post blogs specializing in international trade.
  • It is highly beneficial for Import and Export, if the E-Commerce site facilitates response to quotation requests, chatting/online negotiation, document sampling etc.

Global sourcing leveraged by E-Commerce is proving to be highly lucrative, as it saves a lot of routine costs and permits you to concentrate on core business activities. Finally, it's the credibility of such E-commerce websites, which matters in the global sourcing, regardless of your domestic or international trade practices.

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