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Low Risk, A Winning Concept In B2B

By: Admin In: B2B Last Updated: 2011-02-21

One of the key to being successful in B2B sales is by being a low risk provider. Here, people often mistake low risk with low cost. But these two concepts are light years apart and do not signify the same thing. Being a low cost provider often leads to negative results and should be avoided at all costs.

Low Risk Vs Low Cost In B2B relationship, being a low cost provider is an unhealthy position for the most sales people. This is owing to the fact that more often than not the customers will find another sales person who will sell for a lower price than you offered. And in cases, when selling is done strictly on price, the low bid always wins.

However, being the low risk provider is an entirely different sales strategy. In this case, even being the highest priced sales person wouldn't be detrimental if the buyer suddenly sees you as the real low risk provider.

Low Risk Provider Lowers The Fear Factor This is due to the fact that low risk allows the buyer to win and stay on the job longer. The primary fear that buyers seldom suffer from is making a poor decision or one that comes with high risk. Risk is one thing that most corporate people shy away from. The corporate persons want little to no risk in their lives and their decisions.

Often risky situations results in a "no decision" in case of corporate people because a no decision is often like status quo and maybe no one noticed the extra cost or the lost opportunity of a "no-fault" decision.

Therefore, lower the risk with your customers more will line up to buy from you. Another key is to come back after the buying decision and showcase the good to excellent results. This action has a twofold benefit. First, it validates the results you offered at the time of the sale. And, second, it shows you are truthful and trustworthy for future decisions and actions. This can thus result in added sales down the road.

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