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Most Important B2B Marketing Metrics For CEOs

By: Admin In: B2B Last Updated: 2010-05-13

Gone are the days when only sales executives had to keep track of the metrics and fear about their targets. As the world has progressed even the marketers have to be answerable to their bosses. The CEO's of the companies now ask the marketers to keep a record of their targets and present them the metrics when required.

What is the job of a marketer?
A marketer has to create and execute marketing strategies in order to promote the company's offerings. They are ones who are responsible to generate leads.

What can they be questioned for?

  • If the ROI i.e. Return on Investment is not up to the mark then the marketers are the ones who are held responsible.
  • Also, they are responsible for generating leads so can be questioned for not generating adequate leads.

We present you with some questions that are important for a CEO to know regarding the marketing department. Following are the most important metrics that a CEO of a company must know:

  • The effect marketing investments have on the productivity of the sales
  • What all measures can be taken by the marketers in order to mitigate the expenses?

Why it is essential for the CEO's to get the metrics from the marketers?

  • Getting the metrics from the marketers help the company to improve upon their marketing strategies.
  • They can keep a close eye on the expenses involved in the marketing processes.
  • A track of revenue generated can be easily kept with the help of the metrics.
  • It helps the companies to decide whether to continue with the same marketing strategies or to modify them for the company's betterment.

Thus the above mentioned metrics, if properly tracked down by the CEO's then the smooth and efficient working of the marketing team is assured. Also, it will surely help in bringing about an increase in the sales of the company.

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