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Need Of Information Technology For The Textile Industry

By: Admin In: Business Last Updated: 2011-11-04

Textile Industries all over the world are taking the support of Information technology to ensure smooth production operations. The IT department in a Textile house helps in managing the supply chain. This tech savvy department provides the much needed edge to an organization. Information Technology: A boon for Textile Industry Though it is assumed that Textile industry does not have any direct need for having a fully equipped Information Technology department yet almost all textile manufacturing/processing companies have an IT department because:

  • It speeds up the process of analyzing the Demand and Supply
  • It helps in designing and developing samples
  • It facilitates the process of manufacturing and dispatching
  • It helps in human resource management

Global Demand The textile houses that have the facility of Computer Aided Designing and Computer Aided Manufacturing are more reliable internationally. The IT department helps a company to get ahead of the competition by enabling it to analyze the changing trends of the market. Moreover, the I.T. department enables to manage information conveniently. With the help software like MRP, MRP-II, APSS, etc., it supports the planning and execution of operations by effectively coordinating between various departments.

IT Facilitates E-commerce And E-retailing With E- commerce, textile houses execute their business expansion plans and with E- retailing they provide an online platform to the buyers to order the products of their choice online. Both positively impact the growth of the company. IT department facilitates this interaction of the company with the Industry Peers as well as end users. The entire manufacturing setup functions with the help of Information Technology. From identifying the most reliable vendors to procuring fine raw material to the stage of production and final packaging, IT department does the needful. Therefore, the need of Information Technology in Textile Industry is unquestionable in the present era.

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