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Online Classified Ads Gains Over Newspaper Classifieds.

By: Admin In: Sales & Marketing Last Updated: 2010-12-16

With the advent of technology and the World Wide Web, online classifiedOnline Classifieds Ads ads have gained an edge over Newspaper-Classifieds. Advertisements of all kinds today, ranging from individuals looking to sell used goods to large, full-fledged corporations are displayed online. The internet has enhanced marketing strategies enormously and continues to attract many advertisers to place their adverts.

But Classified ads are nothing new, for till now they abound in newspapers and is a great source for generating revenues. But online Classified ads have given Classified ads a run for their money and the major reason for this turn of events are the following.

Cost Effective Newspaper Classifieds charge for their ads on the basis of the number of words along with the amount of space occupied. This calls for restriction in the length of the ad with limitation in providing details. On the other hand, Online Classified Ads are cheap and come virtually free of cost with no space limitations.

Provision for Photographs Online Classified Ad websites also allow advertiser with the opportunity to upload a picture to go with their text matter. This adds a creative aspect to the ad and helps in making attractive and appealing advertisements. This is not often possible in case of newspapers because of limitation of space.

Easy Accessibility In the recent times the internet has gained in popularity and appeal among the masses. It offers a wide platform that can be easily reached and accessed by people sitting in different parts of the globe. The same cannot be said for newspapers which in spite of their positive aspects cannot match the World Wide Web in terms of extensive range and accessibility.

After-effects and Outcome Statistics available hint that the response reaped by Online Classified Ads is remarkable in comparison to the less than satisfactory reaction to Newspaper Classifieds. The primary reason for this lies in the fact that people buy newspapers mainly for the news. After assuaging his thirst for information of the world, the reader may not even bother to glance through the classified ads. But in case of online classified ad websites, they specifically only deal with classified ads and are exclusively for people who visit the site with that intention.

Thus, the advantages of Online Classified Ads over the Newspaper Classifieds are infinite and the time will come soon, when the former will exclusively take the credit of displaying the most innovative advertisements taking the ad world by storm.

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  • Your post is really interesting. Online classifieds ads gains more i accepted because most of the people prefer online ads,less people read newspaper ads now-a-days. Thanks for great post!

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