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5 Reasons Why B2B Companies Need Marketing Automation

By: Admin In: B2B Last Updated: 2018-08-31

Marketing Automation for B2B Companies

Marketing Automation, which is very well practiced by B2C companies, is now being extensively used by B2B companies. As per a research conducted by CMI, nowadays more than 55% companies are using marketing automation and empowering their marketing strategies, while investing fewer efforts and capital. B2B ecosystem is adapting marketing automation and effectively using it for lead generation and information sharing. The reasons for this inclination towards marketing automation are many. The top 5 reasons why B2B companies need marketing automation have been listed below; let’s have a read.

It Provides A Better Understanding of The Buyer Persona
Marketing automation ties the B2B companies, be it B2B manufacturing companies or B2B suppliers, with their CRM, i.e., Customer Relationship Management, system. Majority of the marketing automation tools even have in-built CRM that collects the customer data through different means and enables the B2B marketers to define their target audience. By capturing data for the companies through forms, emails, e-newsletter subscriptions, and other forms of customer-generated content, marketing automation tools let the B2B companies have a better understanding of their buyer persona. It tracks the customer engagement, behavior, and other insightful information about the visitors to build a clearer picture and give face to their potential leads; in turn, helping in customizing the marketing campaigns.

It Assists In Better Aligning & Streamlining Sales & Marketing Goals
Marketing automation not just automates the marketing efforts but also aligns them with the sales goals to increase the overall revenue of the B2B company. By incorporating marketing automation platforms and their tools in the marketing strategies, businesses can identify the sales-qualified leads and pass them on to the sales team for conversion. It helps the marketing teams in segmenting the customers and marketing channels based on the visitor behavior. It streamlines the entire sales and marketing process and aligns the goals by ensuring that the sales reps get only sales-ready leads through the marketing teams. The sales and marketing teams can also access the centralized data offered by marketing automation tools to target all efforts in the same direction and minimize the duplication of efforts.

It Leads To A Revenue Growth Of More Than 60%
According to the eMarketer Email Marketing Benchmarks report, marketing automation can lead to a revenue growth of more than 60% for the B2B companies. Marketing automation adds efficiency and speed to the entire marketing process while reducing human capital investment. It is not just focused on generating more leads but also nurturing them for long-lasting B2B relations. By automating marketing in the complex, large, and multi-touch buyer ecosystem, it speeds up the entire marketing process and boosts conversion rates. And, any increase in conversion rates is a direct indication to a revenue growth.

It Offers Real-Time Performance Analysis Reports
Owing to the complex nature and multi-faceted nature of the buyers, analyzing the performance of the B2B marketing campaigns is quite challenging. But with B2B marketing automation tools, B2B companies can easily get a performance analysis report of all their marketing efforts. The marketing automation tools and platforms let the companies have an overview of the returns on the marketing investment by measuring the outcomes. B2B marketers can view the real-time performance of the marketing efforts to make any type of improvement to boost engagement and ultimately, conversion.

It Facilitates The Generation of Better & More Qualified Leads
Marketing automation not just improves the conversions but also helps the companies in generating more qualified leads. It enhances the lead scoring mechanism which leaves the B2B sales team to work on a set of more qualified leads. Without automation, the marketing persons might be suspected for not qualifying the leads before passing them on or the sales team might be suspected for not working on right leads. Marketing automation puts everything in the right place. It offers a clear insight into the buyer behavior and uses a lead scoring system to help you identify and generate sales-qualified leads.

So, the one thing that is generating better & more qualified leads, jotting down the buyer persona, aligning & streamlining sales & marketing goals, boosting revenue and facilitating real-time performance analysis reports, is marketing automation. With such versatility, no wonder more and more B2B companies are bracing to adapt marketing automation.

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