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Relevance Of ISO Certification For A Company

By: Admin In: Business Growth Last Updated: 2013-05-16

Today, most of the reputed companies in the market, following a forward-thinking approach, boast of an ISO certification. Why has the ISO certification assumed such an important role in the business world today? In this write up, some of the reasons responsible for the growing relevance of ISO Certification are explored.

ISO Certification - What Does It Mean?
The ISO certification, especially the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard, refers to the fact that a company adheres to the best management standards. A good management system is one of the most crucial requirements for a successful business. Having an ISO certification shows that the company has a good management system in place. The ISO 9001 management standards help a company in managing its processes in the best manner.

ISO 9001 Certification & Quality
ISO 9001 Certification is a proof of the fact that the company is focused towards quality management. Quality management, simply stated, refers to all those practices & processes that will lead to increased efficiency & customer satisfaction. ISO 9001 Certification can be availed by both service as well as manufacturing companies.

How A Company Benefits From ISO 9001 Certification?

  • While doing business, most customers look out for ISO certified companies in the market. Thus, the ISO certified companies have a competitive advantage over others who don't. There is an increased demand in the market for ISO compliant companies, without doubt.
  • The ISO 9001 Certification establishes a company's credibility in the market. The customers perceive it as a sign of the company's focus on a quality-centric approach. The ISO 9001 Certification has a positive effect on the perceived brand image.
  • ISO certification is the key to international business, as in many parts of the world ISO 9001 is a pre-requisite for global trade.
  • A very important advantage of ISO 9001 Certification is the fact that there is scope for continuous improvement, & a company can enhance its operational efficiency & productivity.

Though the ISO 9001 Certification does not guarantee that the product/service will be flawless, it does mean that the company is well equipped to provide quality products/services.

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