Secrets of A Healthy Lifestyle in 2020

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Grubbing over sumptuous desserts, gulping soft drinks (and some liquor), smashing your gut with fried food, vaping, and lack of adequate exercise- guess what is accompanied by this group? Health disorders and ailments as a surprise package!
That a true description for all readers. It has become a common scenario for most of us. Today, we engaged so much in shaping lives that we have forgot to live and enjoy it. The 9-5 schedule of life makes a person a robot that lives to work. Ultimately, such a tedious schedule invites different ailments to spend some time.
Honestly, no one would prefer to continue such a regime just to age early. No enjoyment? If you took no resolution in 2020, it isnt late. Keeping healthy in 2020 should be your resolution because there are 366 days this year (February has Mr. 29). It means 366 opportunities for transforming yourselves. We compiled a list of some habits that will be an apprentice in shaping your body. Get going, pal.

Staying Aloof- The Hardest Part:

Detachment from fried food, junk items, soft drinks, desserts, and alcohol is the hardest part of keeping up with a balanced regime. People tend to break this rule because of weak will power. Here, When There Will, There Way remains a proverb that cannot be implemented practically. At that point, a person self-control gets tested. People keep complaining that they havent tasted their favorite dish. Follow one hack- abstain from your favorite dish for 21 days, you will surely forget about it.

Limit Screen Time:

If you spend most of the time sitting in front of the desktop, you effortlessly summoning the demons of cardiac issues and nervous problems. Instead of continuously glaring at the screen while sitting in an uncomfortable posture, leave the seat for a 3-minute walk in the office premises. Even some seated exercises like stretching legs and arms would be beneficial as well.

A Walk of Health:

He who walks an extra mile stays away from ailments. This statement was quoted by a not-so-famous personality. It means that places that can be covered by walking, simply walk up to the place! Do not hop on a rickshaw or ride your bike/car to the place. Be smart and walk up to the place. It is definitely good for your heart health. Similarly, choose the stairs instead of escalators/lifts. However, if you reside in high-rise apartments, take stairs till where you can and then the lift.

Digital Detoxification:

It good to scroll Instagram feed and Facebook wall. Even trying the not-so-cool Snap Chat filters is fine. But, spending the whole day on social media brings nothing else but headache and strain on eyes. Thus, staying away from the Netflix and Chill will not let such things happen. We not telling to boycott them from the regime but unsubscribing them for some time will surely benefit it.

No Smoking Zone:

Hookah, electronic cigarettes, marijuana, bidi etc., are the biggest carriers of various diseases including cancer. People that smoke, regardless of their gender, are bound to have lung infections and other health-related issues. Moreover, they tend to age early. All in all, taking some puffs for ephemeral joy can be harmful. Hence, make your body, house, and workplace a no-smoking zone & get rid of this harmful habit.

Just Exercise:

If you hit the gym daily to push some heavyweights, that awesome! You focused on keeping your body healthy. If you do not, watch some motivation videos, get a membership, and spend at least one hour for yourself. Carve out the right shape of your body.
However, it isn't necessary to hit the gym every time. Some people cannot visit the gym due to different reasons. In such cases, perform basic exercises like stretching, jogging, spot jumping, squatting, crunches, pushups, and lunges. This 45-minute workout is sufficient for a person to stay healthy.

Prefer Colors over Calories:

The best part of maintaining a healthy diet is that you keep eating throughout the day. The diet chart includes different healthy snacks and dishes in the day schedule. Whatever is the season, consume seasonal fruits and vegetables for a healthy gut. Besides, the consumption of fresh juice and soup is also suggested for the intake of calories in the right amount.

Laugh Out Loud:

Once, a great person asserted that laughter is the best medicine. Indeed it is because it triggers endorphins. These hormones play a vital role in maintaining a healthy flow of blood in veins. What more, a burst of hearty laughter can temporarily remove pain as well. So, instead of cracking knuckles, let crack some puns.

Own a Healthy Sleep Cycle:

With an accurate sleep cycle, a person can assure his/her best health. Our body is an incredible machine that can perform different tasks. This machine also needs some rest and hence, taking an eight-hour sleep is a must. It revitalizes the body by rejuvenating the exhausted cells.

Relish Intimate Snuggling:

Establishing physical intimate relations or enjoying sex is a great stress buster. It releases oxytocin in the body that makes you feel better. Besides, it burns various calories as well. Hence, for a healthy body, you should copulate with your partner for strengthening the physical and emotional bond.

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They'll Fetch Mental Calmness and Peace

The hectic scenario in which we live is a total ruckus. People are stomping rather than walking. Hence, instead of spending an obnoxious day, we telling some amazing ways thatll bring mental peace.

  • Play with Your Pet
  • Whether you a dog parent or cat parent, spending some time with them will help in releasing stress. By playing with them for 15 minutes would re-energize for sure. Taking them for a walk can do wonders.

  • Meditate Daily
  • When we meditate, we don't breathe, but respire. Focusing on every breath and feeling it entering and exiting the body, concentrating without thinking, and listening to sounds of nature will surely help in reducing mental stress.

  • Pray
  • When life knocks you down, bow down in front of the Almighty; When you at the zenith of success, kneel in front of the Almighty

    This quotation stands true in everyone case. There comes a time in life when we find all doors closed. Whenever you come across such situation, just pray to the Almighty. God answers all prayers. Praying and thanking him daily will surely bring mental peace.

  • Never Worry Unnecessarily
  • When you at home, involve yourself with family because it is your family time. Relish every moment with them. Go out for a walk with kids, take your spouse for shopping or plan an excursion with them. Office worries can wait.
    Similarly, when you at work, focus on the work and give your best in it. The company pays you for work, not worrying about the quarrel you had last night in the family.

The Bottom Line

Leading a healthy lifestyle is not a luxury, but a necessity. People have hundreds of excuses for not following a healthy regime. But, the one who loves his life and family would always prefer to keep himself/herself healthy. Still, it isnt late. You just perused a huge list of tips that would help you in leading a healthy lifestyle. Follow the regime and witness drastic changes.

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