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The Changing Business Trends

By: Admin In: Market Research Last Updated: 2011-02-17

With the advancement in technology, each and every aspect of human life is changing or to say developing. With the changes in technology, changes in business trends have also emerged. Every aspect of business, right from marketing, advertising to delivery has taken a huge technological leap. Let us throw some light on how the business trends have evolved over the years.

Local Market Trade In olden times, that is the time before the advent of the internet, business transactions were undertaken either by letters or by telephone calls. As long distance calls were very costly, people preferred to advertise their business or products through letters. Also, most of the business transactions took place by letters that were delivered, in ancient times, on foot or by horse, and in more recent times by other modern means of transport. Delivering products or letters by foot or on horseback used to take months and sometimes years by which the required product either went out of trend or was damaged. Due to these adverse consequences, business people preferred conducting business operations in the local markets.

Emergence Of The Internet With the advancement in technology emerged the new trend of advertising and marketing that is online through web pages and sites. As the most popular invention, the internet evolved, there came with it a huge leap in all walks of life. Business people started displaying their advertisements and products online on popular business websites as well as on their own Customized websites. As internet gained popularity, so did the businesses that were selling their products online. And as internet is considered a very fast medium of communication, it took only minutes for people to look through business websites and order products. Even the products were delivered on time as airways made the delivery process much easier and efficient. So, businesses started expanding globally and garnering huge business locally and internationally.

New Trend: B2B Marketplace Another major trend that developed was the B2B Marketplace. B2B Marketplace is basically a business to business marketplace that functions online. A B2B Portal is a web product where all the businesses, whether manufacturers, suppliers or exporters, are listed according to the products and services they are rendering. A manufacturer can look for a supplier on a B2B Portal and vice-versa. Just with the click of a mouse button, you can contact a manufacturer or a supplier online in just a few minutes.

Business Through Mobile Phones All the latest mobile phones are equipped with the facility of 3G and Wi-Fi that enables phone users to access the internet through their mobiles1 anytime and anywhere.

With the help of advance technology, the changes witnessed in the business trends have been significant. The changes have been positive and have led to further progress in the field of business as well in the field of technology.

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